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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Watch how resourceful Beijing woman creates parking lot for herself

Sulaiman Kamal | 4:51 AM | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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A READER was tickled pink by this video of a Beijing woman creating her own parking lot and putting up her own parking sign, Stomp reported.

The reader who submitted the video was amused by the efforts the woman put in to get her own parking space.

Said the reader:

"This video is really funny. A girl in Beijing does something extraordinary to get a parking space.

"The two guys in the car really thought the parking space and sign were for real.

"They were taken aback and amused when she started taking down everything.

"The woman even turned towards the guys and smiled before she hurried back to her car.

"I wonder if this situation will soon arise in Singapore, given the shortage of parking space these days."

According to China's Global Times, the incident occurred on Chang'an Avenue. The same report also mentioned that the lack of parking was a major grievance in Beijing.

Global Times also said the video received 50,000 hits within two days on China's "largest social networking site, Kaixin.com".

Is it real?

But there are some who suspected that the video was just a prank. "Netizen WeMarketing pointed out that this was obviously online marketing," Global Times said.

"Others felt it was meant to sarcastically point out the city's parking problems.

Chinese daily Beijing Morning Post reported that after viewing the video, a traffic policeman said he had never seen this kind of phenomenon.

But if he ever came across it, it would be a 200-yuan (S$41) fine for illegal parking.

Is it a marketing ploy or is it real? Watch on to find out.

Watch video here


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