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Sunday, February 5, 2012

What Singaporean women want in a man

Sulaiman Kamal | 8:48 PM | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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What do Singaporean women want in a guy?
Social status, claimed a recent study by psychology professor Dr Norman Li.
Intelligence, said Dr Lee Wei Ling, director of the National Neuroscience Institute, who ran a straw poll in response to his research.
Her World asked 148 women who their dream guy was, quizzing them on everything from his looks to spending power, and guess what - good cooks and geeks scored.
When it comes to his crowning glory, he sports:
A neat, short and slick style like Ryan Gosling: 69%
A boyish, floppy mop like Zac Efron: 15%
Wavy curls like Johnny Depp: 13%

A shaved head or bald pate like Chris Daughtry and Jason Statham: 3%
Here's how he measures up in height:
1.75-1.8m: 51%
1.7-1.75m: 29%
Above 1.8m: 17%
Under 1.7m: 3
"Ideally, he'll dress in Giorgio Armani and choose simplicity and comfort over the superfluous. He'll have the boyish charms of Taiwanese actor Godfrey Tsao and an intense gaze a la Hollywood superstar Keanu Reeves." - Michelle Chew, 40, brand manager
"My dream man would make me laugh like comedian Adam Sandler, and protect me with his kungfu star Jet Li-esque power-abs!" - Kong Su San, 25, civil servant
He has skin like...
Hugh Jackman, tanned & rugged: 70%
Robert Pattinson, fair & smooth: 30%
Ka-ching! His earnings are...
Nothing less than mine: 50%
At least 25% or more than mine: 16%
At least 10% to 20% more than mine: 7%
It doesn't matter: 27%
He works as a…
Entrepreneur: 36%
Writer: 25%
Lawyer: 14%
Doctor: 13%
Teacher: 10%
Actor or model: 2%
His highest level of education attained:
University: 68%
Postgraduate: 28%
Post-secondary: 4%
Hairy chest - yay or nay?
Nay!: 79%
Yay!: 21%
In the bedroom, he's most like…
The tender, sensitive lover; he's attentive to my needs and desires: 60%
Mr Take Control; he initiates sex and knows what he wants: 40%
The qualities we value most (in order of importance):
- Intelligence
- Caring and nurturing
- Confidence
- Ambition
- Family-oriented
- Adventurous
- Good looks
His personality most closely matches...
The geeky intellectual - my go-to person if I have a problem: 51%
Mr Give-Me-A-Good-Time - fun, sociable and up for anything: 21%
The high-rolling banker - oozes money and class: 3%
The sensitive new-age guy - emotionally attuned to my needs: 25%
When it comes to his sexual history, he is...
A virgin: 22%
Just as experienced as myself: 20%
More sexually experienced: 21%
It doesn't matter: 37%
"He'll have celeb chef Anthony Bourdain's adventurous appetite and be a wonderful cook like Jamie Oliver (left) - we can hang out in the kitchen together!" - Vanessa Frida, 33, corporate communications manager
"My dream guy is a mish-mash of superheroes - he has Thor's masculine voice and body, is as kind as Captain America, and can read my mind like Professor X." - Yanny Li, 25, senior brand executive
He cooks and gives great foot rubs and shoulder massages: 61%
He has an amazing voice to serenade me with: 21%
He intuitively knows my tastes and buys me things I like: 18%
He has a bod like...
David Beckham, toned and athletic: 61%
Shia LaBeouf, lean and lanky: 30%
Ruben Studdard, like a velvet teddy bear: 5%
Dwayne Johnson ("The Rock"), big and brawny: 4%
Let's hear it from the men…
We couldn't let you have all the fun! Her World polled 100 guys on their dream woman - and they surprised us by giving brainy book-lovers and athletic beauties the thumbs up!
She has a figure like...
Jessica Biel, toned, healthy and athletic: 37%
Blake Lively, voluptuous and curvy: 19%
Keira Knightley, tall and slim: 17%
Kristen Bell, small and petite: 17%
Jennifer Hudson, full of womanly curves: 10%
If she had one extra talent, it would be...
She's read all the books and seen all the films in the world - guaranteeing lively conversations: 39%
She loves (and is good at) the same activities he and his guy pals enjoy, like sports: 28%
She's an amazing cook and can recreate his fave restaurant dishes: 25%
She gives great oral sex: 8%
He loves a woman who has...
A chic mid-length bob like Scarlett Johansson (left): 56%
Long, flowing locks like Angelina Jolie: 35%
A funky short do like Emma Watson's pixie crop: 9%
The qualities he values most (in order of importance):
- Intelligence
- Caring and nurturing
- Confidence
- Beauty
- Family-oriented
- Adventurous
- Ambition
63% don't mind if she wears spectacles.
The most she can earn before he feels uncomfortable:
It doesn't matter how much she earns: 54%
Equal or 5% to 10% more than him: 24%
25% to 30% more than him: 15%
"I'd be uncomfortable if she were earning any more than me": 7%


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