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Friday, February 17, 2012

Whitney Houston was 'secret lesbian'

Sulaiman Kamal | 7:39 AM | | Best Blogger Tips

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Whitney Houston

"They were so loved up and joyful together. Perhaps her inability to accept and express her same-sex love contributed to her substance abuse and decline," he added.
His comments sparked a storm of outrage from Whitney fans who branded him a "racist f***" and slammed him for taking a "cheap shot" by "outing" a dead woman, but he stood his ground.
"Colluding with the cover-up of her same-sex relationship is not right.
"She was pressured into the Bobby Brown marriage. It was a disaster. Her life started going downhill soon afterwards," he said.
The campaigner also praised the star for her work supporting HIV sufferers after he met her at a 1991 gay rights rally in London.
"I saw her with a woman a couple of times," she said.
She said the singer's drug habit made her even crazier than usual for sex with girls.
Bobby, 43, wrote in his biography that he was convinced she had a "different agenda".
"The marriage was doomed from the beginning," he wrote.
His comments have been taken to be a reference to Houston using the marriage to stop rumours she had lesbian lovers.
Ammons said in his book that the diva had a relationship with her assistant Crawford.
According to him, Crawford slapped Houston when she saw her flirting with men and was furious when she vowed to marry Brown.
He also claimed she paid off ex-publicist Regina Brown to keep quiet about her affair with Crawford.
"I first met Whitney when I was 16 and knew right away she was special," she said.


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