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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Woman barred from entering nightclub for being 'unfeminine'

Sulaiman Kamal | 5:45 PM | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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A netizen recently complained about unfair treatment during a "Ladies' Night" at a well known nightspot.
She had gone to party with a female friend but was upset to find her friend barred from entering the venue.
Apparently, this was because her friend was not dressed in a sufficiently feminine manner.
The netizen complained that she had seen other women dressed in a similar manner entering the venue.
Furthermore, the nightspot did not have clear rules to specify what constitutes "feminine dressing".

The staff had explained to her that the other women were allowed entry because they had put on makeup.
On hearing that, the netizen's friend returned to the place with makeup but was once again denied entry.
The netizen had found the experience infuriating and decried the unfair treatment by the nightspot.
Reporters spoke to several local nightspots to find out about their practices for "Ladies' Nights".
Well known nightspot Zouk said that all females, even those who are not feminine, are given free entry on Ladies' Nights but they must still be properly attired.
Another nightspot, Attica, said that women get free entry and free drinks on Ladies' Nights but bouncers will directed females dressed in an androgynous manner to the men's queue instead.
Attica's spokesperson said, "Ladies' Nights are meant to cater to 'ladies'. Those dressed in a non-feminine manner are allowed entry, but will have to pay the cover charges and they will not get free drinks."
Former beauty queen Ms Shirley Teo feels that such a practice is unfair to women.
She said, "Unless the venue clearly states the dress code for women, otherwise it should not bar them from entering."
Well known local blogger Xiaxue feels that such practices are understandable because the nightspots hold Ladies' Nights to attract more men to the venue to spend.
"And it is unlikely that men will be interested to buy drinks for girls that are not feminine," she said.
However, she also thinks that nightspots should respect women and not bar them from entry because of their dressing.

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