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Saturday, February 4, 2012

'Woman' who slept with 1,000 guys was a man

Sulaiman Kamal | 5:52 PM | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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The sex addict who stunned telly viewers by revealing she has slept with more than 1,000 men has told The Sun: "I used to be a MAN."
Crystal Warren, born Christopher Snowden, changed gender in 2005.
The cougar, 42, who revealed her sex addiction to This Morning host Eamonn Holmes, said she told few lovers her secret but added: "They never asked."
She admitted many of her 1,000-plus lovers will be furious when they learn she used to be a man.
Crystal said: "I'm scared there will be a lot of angry men out there reading this but I have to tell the truth.

"A lot of people will think I've lied to those I've had sex with. But I don't feel I have because I'm a woman and my past is all behind me.
"I don't want any man I've ever been with to doubt his sexuality now because of this. They didn't know they were sleeping with somebody like me.
"I'm now just like any other girl who wants to enjoy my life after many years without the right body.
"Now I've got the body I want to use it all the time."
She added: "I wanted to do a photoshoot with The Sun and look really girlie and sexy so people can see I am a woman and not say I look like a fella."
Crystal shocked viewers of ITV's This Morning show on Tuesday by revealing her voracious appetite for sex.
But from an early age she sensed she was a female trapped in a male body — a condition known as gender dysphoria.
She began secretly trying on her mum's clothes as a teenage boy and progressed to going on dates in drag.
She realised she yearned "to fully become a woman" and in 2002 began having hormone and laser treatment to remove body hair and develop a 38B bust.
After regular counselling sessions, she went ahead with full gender reassignment surgery — offered by the NHS in "serious" cases — seven years ago.
She was issued with a Gender Recognition Certificate after the operation, which allowed her to legally change her birth certificate to reflect her new name and sex.


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