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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Be careful of who you hire, kindies warned

Sulaiman Kamal | 3:13 AM | | Best Blogger Tips

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JOHOR BARU, Malaysia: The Welfare Department has advised kindergarten operators to ensure that those working with them undergo proper training so they are mentally and physically fit to handle children.

State Welfare Department director Khatijah Abdullah said it was compulsory for caretakers to undergo training under the department and this was to provide them with the necessary information to handle children.

Khatijah was commenting on a recent report by a Malay daily on two kindergarten caretakers who tightly wrapped nine children under their care in cloth, taped their mouths with cellophane tape and took a video and uploaded it on YouTube.

The two female caretakers, aged 22 and 20, had initially said they committed the act to keep the children, aged nine months and below, quiet.

However, they later said they wanted to defame the kindergarten located in Kota Masai through the video upload as the owner had fired them.

Khatijah said although the case was an isolated one, kindergarten operators needed to be more aware of their caretakers and ensure that they undergo proper training before being allowed to handle children.

“Those who hire untrained staff could be compounded or have their establishment closed down,” she said, urging those who are unregistered to quickly do so.

Khatijah also confirmed that the kindergarten in Kota Masai was registered but several of its caretakers had yet to undergo training, adding the department would ensure all of them would be sent for training as soon as possible.

The department, she said, would let the police to investigate the alleged abuse and uploading of the video.

The kindergarten's caretaker, Shaherah Abd Malik, 39, has also lodged a police report.

Meanwhile, Seri Alam OCPD Supt Roslan Zainuddin said the police have received four reports relating to the case.

“Both women have been brought in for questioning,” he said

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