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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why is Dr Rosmah so disliked

Sulaiman Kamal | 12:04 AM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Let us cut the fat and get to the bone. Mind you, this is not about bone-picking but about being honest to the bone.

The question is: Why is our premier’s spouse – infamously titled ‘The First Lady of Malaysia’ so much despised in the alternative media?

In the fifty over years of nationhood history, we never had a case where citizens took to such displeasure with a leader’s wife.

The wives of Malaysia's first prime minister were never dirtied in the court of public opinion. Neither, Tun Hussein Onn. Nor Tun Abdul Razak. Even The Tun Doctor Mahathir who has earned mountains of brick brats from the citizens does not have a single line of offensive against his immaculate spouse.

And mind you, Badawi who was unfavorably dismissed with a public label of ‘Mr. Sleepy Snoopy’ did not suffer any bombardment aimed at his late nor present wives.

All the spouses of our past leaders were never faulted by the rakyat - in public media and in private conversations.

But when it comes to Rosmah...

In the case of Datin Dr. Rosmah – the second wife of our present premier has been the target of so much public bitterness. Every single move by her, in her personal life as well as in her public appearance has not missed the public eye of criticism. Why?

Even within corporate corridors - especially where GLCs are concerned, executives have shared in whispers about the nightmares they faced in getting an official event to be graced by the premier's wife concluded. True?

Even as early as when Najib took on the mantle of the nation’s leadership, it was wildly rumored that Lee Kuan Yew met her instead of the deputy PM. The rakay questioned 'how come?'; others querried "why not the Deputy PM?" True or otherwise is not the point here. On the contrary,it is about why are the people targetting the FLOM?

The barrage of incident after incident is just mind boggling. Thanks to the internet, a quick goggling will leave you gasping for breath.

Even if we dismiss the internet as a misguided assessment, let us take the main stream media. Does FLOM know that despite the media giving her such huge and seemingly positive coverage, it is all a rope to hang. Ask the salaried media boys and girls down the line. They will sneakily manage a smile; walk into the Press Club and listen with your heart to the remarks traded.

So, why?

The most elusive question is WHY? Why is our premier’s wife the brunt of public ridicule? Why is she being torn apart by public outcry? Why is the public so unforgiving towards her? Or as in her own words, why is the public so “jealous” of her victories, success and international recognition?

What do citizens have to gain or lose by taking such a great dislike towards her?

Knowing Malaysians, they are quiet a modest lot. It is not in their veins to tarnish a man’s wife for the sake of winning. So there must be something to all these then.

Perhaps, Datin Dr Rosmah should urgently get to do some serious retreat and soul searching; perhaps she should cut herself loose from all those who merely pay lip-patronage to her and instead get to re-examine the realities flaying her.

The point that matters here is, a leader’s wife must earn and keep the support and admiration of the citizenry. Race and religion and political patronage do not matter here. She must be seen as a lady who cares and supports nationhood aspirations – not a defender of her husband’s political lineage nor be perceived by the public as a champion of her own interests.

She cannot be seen to have enemies from ‘the opposition’ – as she often is made to remark. Nor can she be portrayed as a ‘victim’ which was what some have carved out as a defense for her.

Tough? Yes of course. Who says that being the spouse of a public figure is easy.

Learn from the other ladies

The trick is to learn from the past and current wives of all big-wigs in and outside of government. But most important is personality, character, integrity and the determination to be humble and sincere and to be seen to be so too.

Remember, we are living in an age where everything is an ‘inside-out’ phenomenon. The information highway has been liberated and no public figure can screen herself. The public have the power and means to bring the ‘inside’ of a person on to the ‘outside’ world of information. They demand to know your intentions more than your actions and words.

As such, one’s total self is on the stage of public view. There is no hiding place. But you may argue that, “wha, if like that susah mahu hidup lah’.

No. It is easy if you have your intentions, motivation and awareness in right order. It is in essence all about role and role play.

Najib must control her actions

In the meantime, the premier cannot be oblivion to all the criticisms levied against his wife. Neither can he lump it all on a single thread and say this is ‘opposition’ work.

Apart from working hard to earn public acceptance of his leadership role, he also has that unpleasant and onerous task to make sure that his spouse is not a case of lost cause.

After all is it not true that behind every successful or failed man is a woman? The PM must take cognizance of public opinion and not be tempted or ill advised into dismissing all these as of no consequences. He cannot – in the best interest of his political party and the nation’s concern, ignore or lambast these criticisms and seeming displeasure coming from the citizens.

Hope this feedback is accepted in good faith and with honor and not be again made to suffer the fate of “what rubbish!”

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