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Friday, March 2, 2012

Woman Arrested For Flashing Breasts In Church – Then FLASHES JUDGE In Court

Sulaiman Kamal | 2:08 AM | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Holly Van Voast, 46, was arrested after topless trip down the aisle of the famed New York Cathedral last month, and appeared in court today to face her sentence.

A performance artist known for flashing her bare breasts in public can now add a very holy spot to her growing list of conquests: St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

But it wasn’t her face- accessorized by a pencilled-in moustache- that was getting noticed.

After appearing before a judge, where it is believed that Van Voast kept her breasts under wraps, she couldn’t contain herself and sauntered over to the courthouse press room and let herself out in the open.

This wasn’t Van Voast’s first time in court for her daring habit: she appeared in court last fall after disrobing in Grand Central Station in October, and used that visit to strip in front of the shocked 89-year-old judge.

Van Voast, who sometimes goes by the name of her transgender performance character Harvey Van Voast, has also gone topless at the Statue of Liberty and on the Staten Island Ferry.

Growing list: In the past, she has gone bare breasted in Grand Central Station, the Statue of Liberty, the Staten Island Ferry, and Manhattan Criminal Court

Uniform: Van Voast appears with her trademark pencilled-in moustache, tousled hair, camera, and sometimes wears stickers over her nipples
That legal speed bump didn’t stop her from setting her sights on higher- and holier- targets, so on January 30 Van Voast took off her top in St. Patrick’s and filmed the episode.

‘I had waited until the end of the afternoon service… I consider what I do advertisement in a way… I don’t like to disrupt other people no matter what their beliefs are,’ she posted on Facebook.

Security guards walked up to her and tried to cover her with their jackets before asking allegedly her to leave the premises- which she denies they did.

When she refused, she was handcuffed and arrested for criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, public exposure and possession of marijuana after police found two bags of pot in her bag.

Though her lawyer says that the arrest is bogus, as he questionably claims it is legal for women to bare their breasts in the state of New York and that her trespassing charge is not valid, she is less concerned about the legality and more about the publicity.

‘I want to have a reality show,’ she said after Tuesday’s appearance.

‘Nothing works like t***!’

‘This is what New York is begging for right now- something kind of funny, a little outrageous. Something that blows your mind.’

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