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Friday, April 13, 2012

AdilanClub : Family bids farewell to boy who dies after 5-storey fall

Sulaiman Kamal | 11:40 PM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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SINGAPORE - Four-year-old Muhammad Afiq Dannie who fell out of his Jurong West home on Tuesday never woke up and passed away quietly at about 9pm on Wednesday.

His father, Muhammad Azian Abdul Wahab, was so distraught that he did not sleep from the time his son was sent to the hospital, till the very last moment when he was laid to rest yesterday.

Afiq was buried yesterday at the Lim Chu Kang Muslim cemetery. The buriel was attended by more than 60 relatives.

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Weeping uncontrollably, the 32-year-old delivery assistant could not even bear to leave his son's body after the burial. He had to be helped up by relatives and friends.

Little Afiq had lost the fight for his life after spending two days in the intensive care unit of the National University Hospital.

When passers-by saw a the little boy lying on the ground directly under the windows of Block 437, Jurong West Avenue 1, they merely though he was sleeping in an odd place.

Little did they know that Muhammad Afiq Dannie had just fallen five storeys out of the window of his four-room home.

According to The Straits Times, the boy had been alone in the house sleeping when his maid left the flat at about 11.45am to pick up his older brother from a nearby kindergarten.

His father told reporters that he believes Afiq had woken up while the maid was gone and could have climbed out of the kitchen window to look for the maid.

The police received a call at around 12.20pm, after passer-bys called the police.

Madam Toh Geok Lan, 67, who runs a convenience store in the void deck of the block told The New Paper (TNP) she was first alerted to the incident when a resident told her that she saw a boy sleeping near the rubbish chute behind the store.

She told the resident to let the boy sleep and not disturb him. She did not think much of it until another passer-by told her of the boy lying motionless at the foot of the block.

After going to the scene to take a look for herself, she recognised Afiq as a boy who lived around the area.

His head was swollen and he did not respond to her shaking his limp body.

The maid then passed the scene while returning home with the elder brother. Upon seeing the body, she "kept crying and screaming as she called out to the little one", Madam Toh said.

The maid then picked the boy up and ran towards the lift lobby.

After being brought to the hospital, Afiq underwent surgery to reduce a blood clot in his head. He went for a CT scan on Wednesday, but died shortly after.

His father described Afiq as hyperactive and playful. The little boy had wanted to join the army and wear a uniform when he grew up, to follow in the footsteps of his father, who had been a prison officer for 32 years.

He told ST that he had planned to bring his two boys to the Universal Studios theme park on Satuday.

Mr Azlan is divorced from Afiq's mother, Madam Nor Khadijah Berjo Selamat, 32, an administrative clerk.

He last saw Afiq three weeks ago.

The family has told reporters that they do not hold the maid responsible for the mishap, saying that "the child just happened to fall".

They added that she will continue to work for the family.


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