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Saturday, April 28, 2012

AdilanClub: I can bed 100 S'pore girls for free year, claims 'stingy' expat Casanova

Sulaiman Kamal | 6:11 AM | | Best Blogger Tips

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“I can bed 100 Singapore girls for FREE yearly” – American expat sneers at 48 men charged for having commercial sex with minor

The high profile case which has seen 48 men charged for having sex with an underage prostitute not only generated a buzz among Singaporeans, but in the expatriate community as well.

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One Singaporean female blogger who called herself a ‘grumpy spinster’ recalled a not too pleasant encounter with an American expatriate by the name of Walker aka Frodo at 1-Altitude bar who approached her and her friends for a drink.

“Before Frodo got drunker than drunk, he initiated a conversation about the underage sex scandal which had implicated 48 SG men so far. Frodo again boasted that these men are stupid to pay for sex when it is so easy to get one from SG girls.”

Frodo then boasted that he had managed to ‘charm’ 100 Singapore women to have sex with him each year for free:

“Frodo has never paid for sex because he could easily get it for free. He boasted that he slept with 100 women every year and was so easy to charm SG women with his looks and height.”

However, Frodo did not reveal if any of them are underage.

The blogger wasn’t too impressed with Frodo though when he took the food she ordered to his group of friends:

“I ordered some food: pizzas, tortilla chips, chicken wings and truffle fries. Frodo asked if he could eat because he was hungry. I agreed and invited him to try some. To my horror, he ferried the fries and chicken wings to his group of ang moh friends, and shared my paid food with them. He finished my bowl of truffle fries and ate half of my cheesy beef chilli with tortilla chips. WTF!!”

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