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Thursday, April 26, 2012

AdilanClub: 'I had no intent to kill her': Yishun triple murderer

Sulaiman Kamal | 3:10 PM | | Best Blogger Tips

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SINGAPORE - Into his third day of trial, Chinese national Wang Zhijian continued to insist that he lost control of his mind and actions during the the vicious attacks that left three dead and one seriously injured.

He distanced himself from the crimes by saying that he could not remember the attacks, the Straits Times reported.

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Cornered by the prosecution who questioned why then he could give detailed blow-by-blow accounts to the police of how he stabbed to death the three, he defended his stance by saying that the details were guesses based on 'a feeling'.

Wang stands accused of murdering his lover, Madam Zhang Meng, 42; her daughter Feng Jianyu, 17; and their flatmate Yang Jie, 36, in the Yishun flat all four were staying in.

He also attempted to kill Madam Yang's daughter Li Meilin, then 15, but she survived.

His statement to the police after the attack was so detailed that it included descriptions such as Wang's left knee being on the mattress while he thrust his knife in his right hand into Madam Zhang's abdomen at a 45-degree angle.

Wang said that his account was due to his imagination, intuition, or 'a feeling' of what things should have happened.

On Tuesday in court, Justice Chan Seng Ong commented that Wang should try his hand at the lottery, since his intuition was so accurate.

Wang also told the court he suffered a series of accidents in his youth, during some of which he lost consciousness.

These include two electrocutions, two traffic accidents, falling from a tree and a sudden fainting spell at home.

No recollection

Wang also told the court that he has no recollection of going into the room of Madam Yang and Meilin.

He allegedly killed Madam Zhang first, before killing her daughter who entered the room. He then charged into the room of the other occupiers of the flat.

As Madam Yang was found at the foot of the block, a forensic scientist speculated that she climbed out of the kitchen window and clung on to the bamboo pole holders.

Two slashes found on her fingers, one on each hand, likely caused her to let go and fall to her death.

Wang told the court yesterday that he has no impression of having 'caused any injuries to her.'

He also disagreed with Meilin's account of the attack on her that he had told her to close her eyes and not to scream.

He said he wouldn't have done so and has no idea why he would have said this.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Mohamed Faizal said the only explanation of why Wang's statement to the police was so consistent with the lone survivor of the attack was that Wang was fully conscious of his intent to kill the girl.

Wang disagreed, saying he had no such intent.

Several times throughout the trial yesterday, Wang asked for time to think about his answers.

"It's difficult to remember details that happened so long ago. I wll suffer a mental breakdown if this goes on," he told the court.

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