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Monday, April 16, 2012

AdilanClub: 'Maggi mee' and 'roti bun' while kids of BN leaders are millionaires in their 20s

Sulaiman Kamal | 2:28 PM | | Best Blogger Tips

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The on-going PTPTN issue is really very telling. In all probability it will be like the proverbial fourth stone that broke the camel’s back for BN.

Just take cognizance of the Tun Dr Mahathir’s statement. He says that it was saudara Anwar Ibrahim who put the education loan system in place when DSAI was the deputy prime minister.

Now any unschooled silly would retort, “Then what the hell were you doing when you were the boss then? Couldn’t you have stopped it for heaven’s sake”

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If the Tun Dr did not lift a finger to throw Anwar Ibrahim’s idea to introduce the PTPTN, then does it not mean that the then PM is more guilty of this unjustified burden on our young and their families?

Tycoons let off but not students

Students are not wrong in asking why is it that the BN led government can let tycoons and cronies get off scot free from multi-billion ringgit scandals and mismanagement whereas a poor graduate with a merger starting-salary of RM1,500 is punished without mercy for non-repayment of a few thousand ringgit loan.

Students are asking where are all the mega bucks from the oil money going to. They are asking how come the Tun is still having a palatial and premium office for himself at the PETRONAS Twin Towers when he is no more employed as the prime minister. They want to know where is the rental coming from, let alone the maintenance of his private office.

They are asking this question because they cannot enjoy even a single ringgit as relief for fees whereas so many ministers are living a high-flying lifestyle.

Children of the BN leaders millionaires in their 20s

Students are angry because they read about sons and daughters of who is who in town within the power barricades of BN, enjoying a lavish lifestyle, driving exotic cars and becoming millionaires in their twenties whereas the tens of thousands of students have to borrow to study and end up paying through their noses to settle the loan.

Students are not wrong is demanding answers when they witness sagas like cow-gate, anak-gate, toll-gate, aman-gate and numerous other gates raking in benefits and bonuses and extravagance whereas the students have to eat magie mee to see through university.

Maggi mee and roti bun

Education is the lifeline of a nation’s progress and development. Education is the hope for nationhood. Education is the investment for a future.

But when that education is something that you have to be yoked with repayment, the inspiration and motivation to excel takes a back seat. Putting food for the family on the table becomes a priority.

Do the ministers and the especially the Education Minister know that there are many students who go to bed with Maggi mee and roti bun in their stomachs on most nights? Surely they will deny this.

Do the BN leaders and their bodek-kakis know that students are cramping in rooms to save money to pay for rentals?

Do the BN people know that many parents are borrowing money and over-using credit cards and stinging on their personal basic expenses just to give that little extra money to their kids to buy this and that and do this and that project while in university?

Why have we reduced our future leaders and nation-builders to be beggars through a PTPTN scheme? Is putting up Twin Towers far more important to nation-building than giving un-burdened education to our young?

Are there no countries in the world that have no twin tower and spanking palaces but have proven to be a success story on this planet?

Blame-all Dr M

We can borrow and spend lavishly to build spanking dwellings, but we cannot let our young focus on education without having to worry about re-payments and in being disheartened because no scholarships were within sight.

We can host all kinds of lavish dinners for the rich and famous, powerful and corrupt; but we do not care that our young within the hallways of knowledge are eating roti bun and drinking water each night.

Ask the students, ministers. And have the courage to let your main stream media report the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

We have allowed BN to rape and plunder our youth’s basic rights to the wealth of this nation – the petroleum, palm oil and timber revenues; we continue to close both eyes to the opulence, acrimonious wealth hoardings and shameless business profiteering by so many leaders and cronies within the BN camp.

And the Tun Dr Mahathir has no shame in blurting that DSAI is the one who created the PTPTN. How bankrupt can our leaders get within their heads and hearts?


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