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Friday, May 18, 2012

AdilanClub: Driver is a LIAR, retorts actress in sex scandal with minister: RM1mil lump-sum banked in!

Sulaiman Kamal | 12:37 PM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Curvaceous Malaysian starlet Zahida Rafik, at the the center of a simmering sex scandal involving a Cabinet minister, has come out guns a blazing at her former driver: He's a LIAR!.

The 28-year-old Zahida is upset at her ex-chauffeur, Noor Azman Azemi, because he blew the whistle on her alleged affair with Shafie Apral, the Rural and Regional Development Minister.

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“I want to know what else he will be lying about again. Of course, they are all not true. I can't say much, so let my lawyers handle it. Let's just wait,” she was reported as telling the government-controlled Star newspaper.

Just weeks ago, Zahida called the 38-year-old Noor Azman a thief, lodging a police report that he had absconded with RM200,000 of her money.

That pushed the driver to lodge his own police complaint against her, revealing that he had been hired by Shafie to monitor her movements and to ferry her around to the top hotels in town where she and the minister allegedly had their rendezvous.

RM1 mil banked-in ONE SINGLE payment!

With Shafie, a Muslim and Umno vice president already married with 6 children, the tit-for-tat police reports from Zahida and Noor Azman became dynamite news.

Malaysians were shocked not only at the alleged adultery but at how Shafie could afford to splash so much money on his alleged mistress.

At a press conference on Thursday, Noor Azman revealed that Shafie had at one point instructed him to bank in RM1 million in cash for Zahida - all in a single lump-sum payment!

According to Noor Azman, who resigned on February 29, Zahida never received any amount less than RM100,000.

Harassment and biased cops

Noor Azman also said that ever since the scandal blew up, he has been harassed at his house. His lawyer Latheefa Koya also revealed that the police had asked if he wanted to change lawyers when they grilled him over his statement.

"The Special Branch who investigated Azman also asked if he wishes to end Shafie’s career by exposing the Minister’s affair,” Latheefa had told the press conference.

In his police report, Noor Azman had also stated he had been tasked with depositing cash for Zahida totaling some RM1.5 million over a period of 4 month. He is a nephew of another entertainer Tengku Intan Tengku Abd Hamid, popularly known as Dayangku Intan.

Bungalow too? But silence from the MACC...

Apart from the huge cash gifts, news reports have also highlighted a RM3 million bungalow in the Ampang area that Shaife has been accused of buying for Zahida. The house is believed to be registered in the name of one of her family members.

Meanwhile, despite calls for the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission to investigate how Shaife could afford such a lavish lifestyle, no action has been taken at all.

Shafie and Zahida have separately threatened sue Zuraida Kamaruddin, the PKR MP for Ampang who made public the scandal.

“What we want to know is where the money came from,” said Zuraida, who was also at the press conference, reiterating that the adultery was only the side 'circus' and not the main or real issue, which was possible corruption.

Meanwhile, speculation is rife that Shafiie was secretly married to Zahida. However, the actress maintains she does not know Shafie nor has she ever received any money from him. Shafie too has denied the allegations.
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