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Saturday, May 12, 2012

AdilanClub: End of the line for Umno’s Running Dog - MIC

Sulaiman Kamal | 1:33 AM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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The MIC, a parasite that has grown fat living off the blood, sweat and tears of the Indian poor, is headed for total extinction in the coming General Election. They are unlikely to be able to hang on to even one of their Parliamentary seats.

The MIC is expected to lose badly in Tapah and  Hulu Selangor, and may lose in Cameron Highlands as well. This would spell the end of the MIC, long a synonym for thievery and selling out the Indians.

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From poor to bankrupt!

VT Sambanthan, a naïve incompetent, was the first MIC leader to sell out the Indians for his own aggrandizement and a pat on the head from his new Umno masters. Samy Vellu, for 30 long years, under the guise of various dubious schemes, would do his best to part the poor Indians from even their last penny.

Among Samy’s schemes was Maika, which involved taking contributions from gullible Indians (of which there were many) and sharing it out with his family and cronies.

At one point, Samy’s son, Vel Paari, was put in charge of Maika despite having absolutely no qualifications to be a CEO. Why be subtle about it when you don’t need to, appeared to be Samy’s motto. Vel Paari would succeed in reducing Maika from a company that was on its knees to complete bankruptcy.

Palanivel still under Samy's thumb?

Samy was also not ashamed of asking for government largesse, ostensibly for Maika, and then coolly pocketing it. This he did, in awkward and easily traceable fashion, with the Telekom shares meant for Maika. RM 100 Million which should have been spent to benefit poor Indian families, went to Samy’s own, and mostly obese, family.

Mysteriously, the MACC could find nothing wrong with the deal when even Inspector Clouseau could have solved it with his eyes closed. Samy was Umno’s running  dog and Umno protected him.

Despite having been thrown out on his ear by his constituents in 2008, Samy continues to shamelessly hang around, hoping to make a comeback. Considering that his successor, Palanivel, is a spineless invertebrate who cowers at the sight of the loud-mouthed Samy, he may just succeed. Malaysian Indians can then look forward to being robbed for another long while.

Incompetent - could they help the Indian community

MIC is now full of self-interested individuals out to line their own pockets. They are constantly on the look-out for ‘projects’ which they can have awarded to themselves or from which they can take a commission. None of them appear to have any grassroots support and this is reflected in MIC’s leadership, who, from the President down, are mere appointees.

Often, they double as fools. Certainly this was the case with Murugesan, the MIC secretary who applied for citizenship for stateless Indians under the  wrong category, thus forever ending their chances of obtaining their rightful status. Indians are clearly better off without the MIC and its incompetent, toxic, ‘help’.

In the latest controversy over MyDaftar, a programme initiated supposedly to help stateless Indians, the MIC was caught colluding with Umno to cover up the problem. Where there are hundreds of thousands of stateless Indians, MIC pretended there were only a few thousand. MyDaftar turned out to be mere political grandstanding rather than a real attempt to help the most marginalized of the Indian poor.

Low on quality

A sample of MIC supporters on the new media, like Twitter, finds them to be ill-mannered, unable to have an intelligent discussion, and often vulgar.

It is a symbol of the low quality of those who are willing to associate themselves with MIC, consisting mostly of the uneducated and mercenary rent-seekers.

And so the MIC staggers on like the drunken; a trait it may share with many of its members; until it is wiped out for good in the next election.

And the Indians will be quite right to curse it and say good riddance.

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