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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

AdilanClub: NST needs reining in: First the Aussie Senator, now Nik Aziz the 'father of all infidels'?

Sulaiman Kamal | 1:29 PM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Dear editors of NST, why did you allow this to happen? Doing a gross mistake once may sometimes be forgiven; but twice, even before the public can catch their breath, is in no uncertain terms having crossed the line too far.

Indeed, Tok Guru Nik Aziz is a living legend of exemplary and inspired leadership. How could NST ever think of allowing that caption / header that Tok Guru is the father of all kafirs?

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Is this BN house-style?

What has the prime minister got to say about this? Or how about the Home Minister? Is this a tit-for-tat war? Is it another of the great Tun Dr Mahathir-like pre-election psy-war or strategy for mayhem? And please do not blame the rakyat for thinking so negatively about this most disgusting act by NST.

Whatever it may be, how could anyone within the NST allow such words to be printed on its pages? Having to profusely apologize to the Australian Senator is already a sinking feeling. Now you do it to your own kind – and more so to a man who is a class above all other politicians.

And look at the grand, wise man’s reaction. All he twitted is “no comments”. He did not go blazing his guns. Neither did he rebut with curses and foaming gibberish.

Is this a BN agenda to incite PAS members?

Many are saying that there is an agenda to incense and incite the people who support PAS and those who respect the spiritual leader of PAS and drive people crazy. God willing this is not the case.

Leaders, where are you taking this nation of 28 million people? Come on, say something damn it will you. What is your stand for this far below the belt punch on this one man who leads by example rather than leadership by promises.

There are many insults and brickbats thrown at political opponents lately. Many of these are far too outrageous – let alone being ridiculous and as hollow as a fast bankrupting politician. But for a ‘national’ newspaper that was regarded by some people as the ‘Asian Wall Street Journal of Malaysia’, you got to be seriously sick and grossly misled to even allow such horrible articles to be printed on your pages.

Asian Wall St Journal of Malaysia? Hahaha!

No amount of ‘sorry lah’ is going to clean and clear this horrible misdeed by NST. You have not only hurt this God-fearing man, but you have hurt millions of people who hold this man in highest regard. Even anyone who did not have Tok Guru in his or her list of Leaders of Asia would not take kindly for such disgustingly lowest levels of journalism.

Dear NST people, have you not learnt anything from the Australian Senator’s article you rode into town so brazenly? Did you not learn anything from the rushed and prolific apology that you made immediately on all fours?

Then what is all this slamming and smearing of a man who has won the hearts of millions of Muslims as well as all those of other faiths?

Somebody has to stand up and stand tall and say: The buck stops here; let us not destroy the reputation and integrity of this nation any further. Enough is enough!

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