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Sunday, May 13, 2012

AdilanClub: Sex workers use Twitter to sound rape alarm

Sulaiman Kamal | 12:12 AM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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SEX workers have reported being stalked, bashed and raped by a man they believe to be a paroled rapist, and Twitter has been used to warn others.

At least one Adelaide sex worker has reported an attack on her to police and has taken to social media to warn other prostitutes.

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"It's 2012. No human should have to face assault and attempted rape at work," the woman has posted on her Twitter site.

Posting a photograph of her alleged attacker as a warning to other women, she says: "This is him. If you live in Adelaide and know this guy, call me ASAP. He's escalating."

The sex worker said she was assaulted in a terrifying ordeal in an apartment in western Adelaide.

She has reported the matter to police and the Western Adelaide CIB is investigating. The woman suggests on social media sites that she had initial concerns her report was not taken seriously, triggering her online warnings.

Other sex workers have made reports that the man has attacked them.

The Sex Industry Network and the Scarlet Alliance are aware of the police report and have gathered information from sex workers.

The organisations issued their own warning to sex workers and brothels, having been in contact with the woman who made the report, but they, and the woman, declined to comment further.

It is understood no other reports relating to the alleged attacker have been made to police.

In information circulating throughout the sex workers' network, one woman says: "Apparently this **** is on parole ... many more reports of assaults coming through. Please be careful, ladies."

The alleged perpetrator of the attacks had previously been jailed for three counts of rape and false imprisonment, for which he received a nine-year sentence.

He was released on parole after 4½ years.

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