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Sunday, May 27, 2012

AdilanClub: Woman in New York Arrested for Possessing 2 Weapons of Mass Destruction84

Sulaiman Kamal | 2:59 AM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Activist Moira Johnston at her present age-- 29.Source: MSN.com

Activist Moira Johnston, age 29, was arrested in New York on May 16, 2012 while standing near a park. These weapons of hers do not destroy physical things but destroy the sanity of uptight people.

This was written May 21, 2012. It has been legal for women to be topless in the state of New York since 1992. More specifically in any place in NY, like a gym, a woman can wear exactly what a man wears or does not wear.

Back view of Moira Johnston.
Moira Johnston in New York.
Activist Moira Johnston had been going around New York topless for a couple of weeks to raise awareness of women having the same rights as men in the state of New York. It is legal for women to go topless in Ohio; Texas; Washington, DC; Idaho; Maine and in some cities in other states (see link at the bottom of this article). It is illegal for women to go topless in other states since they do not have the same rights as men.

All the links are in blue. You can click FILE and Open in New Window so a link will open in a new window if you have enough memory. Otherwise you can right click on the Back button to see and choose from prevoius webpages that you were on.

This video is not safe for work since Moira Johnston is top free on it, like other links on this article. She says that her mother is a breast cancer survivor and how that is associated with this. When Moira does yoga, she wants to be able to do it topless like men but she is not allowed to do that, which is against the law in New York.

You can also see my article on the Many Benefits of Hatha Yoga, 23 Celebrities That Do Yoga or Cancer and Power of Vitamin D. On latter article learn why Doctor of Public Health, Cedric Garland, says that enough (lifeguard levels of) vitamin D can virtually eradicate breast cancer, with more information on this from Moores Cancer Center, Harvard Medical School, Andrew Weil M.D. and Christaine Northrup M.D.

Blacks got the right to vote before women got the right to vote. Women are second class citizens in the U.S. and in most of the world. It is legal for women to go topless in Denmark. Also many men consider women to be cursed since they are unclean and that is why they menstruate. This may contribute to many more women having trouble with eating disorders than men. Also in most institutions women cannot become Priests or Rabbis in the Catholic and Jewish religions due to the above.

This week they had on the cover of Time magazine , a woman breastfeeding her 3 year old son. A feminist is someone who believes that men and women should have equal rights-- no more and no less. In a survey many girls were asked if they were feminists and almost all said "no" but said that they do believe in men and women having equal rights.

In 2005, Jill Coccaro, aka Phoenix Feeley, was arrested for walking down the street topless in New York. She sued the city and was paid $29,000 to settle the case. On August 23, 2011, a number of men and women celebrated Go Topless Day in New York City's Central Park.

Wikipedia says:

The 2012 Go Topless Day rallies are scheduled to be held on August 26, the Women's Equality Day, at cities in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and France.

See GoTopless.org (click here) for more on this. Since I am a man it is legal for me to walk around topless in Pennsylvania. I have walked around topless in center city Philadelphia to get free vitamin D and I noticed that others rarely did this. Some people have given me dirty looks and yelled some things to me. On the video under the first picture, Moira Johnston is interviewed topless. In that video you hear people say how God and Jesus do not want people to not wear shirts.

Also see Topfree Equal Rights Association (TERA) for more pictures, including Moira Johnston being arrested by, what appears to be, a male New York City Police Officer and more about being topless and breastfeeding around the world.

In another article I talked about attachment parenting. There was a great book about this in the 1970s by a psychologist living with a tribe in South America that had been bringing up children the same for tens of thousands of years. I suggest everyone read it-- The Continuum Concept . But these indigenous people have been considered Godless savages by Christians.

More recently a Christian M.D. (Dr. William Sears) wrote a book on it called The Baby Book . I have not read it but it may have some problems not in the earlier book that prompted Time Magazine to make fun of attachment parenting. In the Yequana village in the book, the children never fight. Also the parents never tell the child what to do like a dictator dictating. These children are extremely mature and good natured.

Actually I was reading some of The Baby Book and the author, William Sears M.D., was investigating different ways that people were raising infants. Many knew about attachment parenting from that previous book. Dr Sears was very impressed with how these children raised this way were turning out. He noticed that they were smarter, healthier, more empathetic (sensing the feelings of others) and more bonded to people than to things. The major problem with America and the Western world is people care more about money than people.

Because of how these children in the Yequana village are raised, they are extremely social and want to help out whenever they can. Also sometimes people will ask you for a favor and put you on the spot. You have to agree or turn them down. The people in the Yequana village never do this! Say their child gets bit by a snake and needs to go to a hospital. They do not ask anyone to take them. They will just say to someone "my child got bit by a snake." Then the other person can offer to help them and take them to the hospital. One psychologist said that if there were a book that could save the world, this is that book-- The Continuum Concept .

Also because of how these children were raised, they knew by instinct how to raise children. Children do not learn by what you tell them but by imitation like imitating you. So if you want a great child then you be great. For example Congressman Ron Paul's son, Rand, is a U.S. senator. If someone was not raised by being held much then they may have problems doing it with their children.

This book has many powerful things in it that psychologist Jean Liedloff learned in this village. For example she says that when a baby is crying, it sounds like someone is being tortured since that may actually be what is happening. People who had been raised this way would never force their babies to sleep alone. But children who were tortured growing up feel that is the normal way of bringing up children.

The current problems with the economy in the U.S. and the world stems from children being raised without attachment parenting. They were taught the value of money. Note that thousands of years ago, children were raised in villages where there was no money and everyone in the village shared everything so there were no rich or poor. Now there are many villages that do not have money like one tribe in the Amazon that they had found had no contact with other people. The saying is "It takes a village to raise a child" not it takes money to raise a child.

While on a website for people who had read this book, I learned about Daniel Quinn's books about how people lived without money like Ishmael , My Ishmael and The Story of B (I have read all 3 of them). Many historians and anthropologists disagree with the information in these books. But maybe they do not like that the book Ishmael won a $500,000 cash award by winning the Turner Tomorrow Fellowship award in 1991 as the book most likely to save the world. The movie Avatar conveyed the information in these books. See below for more on these books.


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