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Friday, June 1, 2012

AdilanClub: Bestiality woman was 'sexually naive', Adelaide District Court told

Sulaiman Kamal | 2:23 AM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Garry and Tina Reichelt outside the District Court in Adelaide. Picture: Greg Higgs

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A WOMAN who has confessed to bestiality committed the crime out of sexual naivety, a forensic psychologist says.

In South Australia's District Court today, Allen Fugler gave evidence about the behaviour of Tina Marion Reichelt in the two months leading to her November 2009 arrest for having sex with a dog.

Reichelt, 53, her husband Garry Paul Reichelt, 51, and Kathleen Modystack, 58, have pleaded guilty to one count each of bestiality.

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Prosecutors previously submitted Modystack was not actively involved in the offending but was the owner of the dogs involved.

The Reichelts had contacted Modystack via the internet to arrange their illicit activities.

Investigations by the RSPCA did not lead to the removal of the dogs but Modystack has since rehoused the pets.

Giving evidence today, Mr Fugler said Tina Reichelt was embarrassed about the charge but he did not consider it to represent an ongoing aberrant sexuality.

Mr Fugler said he was told her relationship history had left her with low self-confidence.

"When she came to the relationship she is in now, her knowledge base about sexuality was very limited," he said.

"(She said) she hadn't indulged in any aberrant acts... I thought her experience was very limited."

Mr Fugler said he was told Tina Reichelt was "encouraged" into the sexual acts with dogs by her husband.

However, the court has heard both Reichelts participated in extensive online chatroom conversations on bestiality-centred websites.

Judge Geoffrey Muecke, meanwhile, said Garry Reichelt's laywers had claimed their client was led into the conduct by Tina.

Today, Mr Fugler said online interactions did not necessarily translate to real acts.

"(The internet) is often used as a vehicle to express people's fantasies," he said.

Alexandra Wright, for Tina Reichelt, said the offending was on the lower end of the scale of seriousness.

"Ms Reichelt has been, and can continue to be, a productive member of the caring profession in our community, but the ability to do that can only really be facilitated if Your Honour discharges her without conviction," she said.

Andrew Ey, for Modystack, said his client denied any allegation that one of the dogs was trained to partake in the activity.

"At no stage did she train the dogs to engage in this activity," he said.

The trio will be sentenced in July.

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