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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

AdilanClub: Enter the ugly Malaysian

Sulaiman Kamal | 1:43 PM | Best Blogger Tips

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While it is supposedly the Nile civilization that was the first to be established in the world way back in time immemorial, the process and nature of being civilized human beings does not seem to be prevalent nor present widely in a number of societies across the earth today.

In Malaysia, the ugly Malaysian is rampant and widespread, lurking at almost every nook and cranny of the country to spew their ugly behavior. The nature of a significant and growing number of Malaysians is ugly and signifies that the beast in us is ever present.

The ugly Malaysian is a true menace and a threat to the decency and the well being of Malaysians. If ever Malaysians are to enjoy and savor a more meaningful and higher Quality-of- Life, they need to rein in ugly Malaysians and rehabilitate them and instill common sense and educate and reform them to behave better to make society civilized and orderly.

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As it stands, most Malaysians are weighed down heavily by the stress of modern living and they do not need to witness the ugliness of their fellow Malaysians in everyday life to add to their already difficult situation.

On the roads, the worst colors come out

Perhaps the best arena in which to see the ugly Malaysian in action is while on the roads. Whether because of “U Kiasu, I Kiasi” or being advised to “Perlahan sikit Brader!” or having to “Brake faster Macha!” as some of the stickers on their vehicles say, the Malaysian motorist’s behavior on the road often beggars belief.

Quite often you can witness vehicles tailgating, jumping the queue and overtaking from the left and of course the speedsters are ever present. The other feature which is common that you will notice is that Malaysian motorist’s love to blare their horns loudly and needlessly adding to the noise pollution.

When you are sitting peacefully in the quiet of your home, you will sometimes find a nasty fellow honking away to announce his arrival in the neighborhood, and often you have to get up to find out what the commotion is all about, all disturbed and inconvenienced.

In short, a growing number of Malaysian motorists are rude and inconsiderate and terribly impatient while driving. They even have the audacity to double and triple park but are sometimes “kind and considerate enough” to leave their mobile phone numbers for you to “request” them to move their vehicles out of the way.

Who on earth do these people think they are? Expecting basic courtesy and consideration from a growing number of Malaysian motorist’s is really difficult to obtain. Perhaps this is why the brazen ways of motorists has caused the nation to have among the highest number of deaths on the road in the world.

If motorists are difficult to deal with, try observing the way people eat and behave in public places or how they yell away at the top of their voices while on their cellular phones and the kind of customer service you get from sales staff at certain outlets you visit. It’s hard to find gracious, pleasant and considerate behavior even if you are paying for it.

Witness how certain persons after downing an apparently delicious meal, belch, burp or even fart and pick their noses and teeth in full view of the presence of others. There are ways to show appreciation for a scrumptious meal but people going overboard in relishing their meal is not uncommon in this country even in fine dining places.

True class

Now that the masses know class, owing to the rising incomes of Malaysians, they should match their pockets with true class, character and decency that people in this country can appreciate and have a pleasant experience while going out for an outing.

Is it too much to ask for the ugly Malaysian to change their ill-mannered ways and follow the example of those that have good social skills in public? Otherwise, the masses knowing class in this country might just be a tragic waste of effort, trying to improve the lot and lives of the Malaysian masses in keeping with a globalized era.

In public, sometimes it is possible to witness uncouth behavior and people having absolutely no regard for others. Just hop onto to a train and see how people refuse to give up their seats to the elderly or how they have their belongings by the side of them on the seat depriving other weary travellers of an opportunity to sit and get some respite.

Even more appalling is the way people rush and push and shove to get onto a public bus. Once on these buses, you can sometimes see the bus drivers smoking with their window “considerately open” despite the “No Smoking” sign in the shuttered air conditioned bus.

There are even these fiends that can’t stub away their cigarette but hold onto to it without puffing in lifts. Though they don’t inhale and exhale the stuff it is bad enough to have a lit cigarette in a lift.




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