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Saturday, July 14, 2012

AdilanClub: 'I don't mind my girlfriend having sex with other people'

Sulaiman Kamal | 11:02 PM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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A male model accused of beating up his girlfriend after a night out at a swingers party has told a jury he only slapped her because she was 'wasted' on drugs.

Patrick Ribbsaeter, 32, is alleged to have attacked Wachiraporn Sara-Pod because he believed she had sex with another man during the exclusive 'Killing Kittens' sex party in London’s West End.

The Old Bailey has been told that he throttled the 29-year-old and slammed her head against the dashboard of her Landrover Discovery as they drove back to his flat.

Miss Sara-Pod, who was known to friends as Anna, has told the jury that she was forced to flee the car wearing only a fur coat and was left with a black eye and blood streaming down her face.

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Giving evidence, Ribbsaeter said he went to swingers parties once a month and had a hectic lifestyle attending celebrity parties, fashion launches and other promotional events.

He told jurors he that he paid £150 to get into the Killing Kittens event at a private house in Leicester Square and added: ‘It’s a sex party, strictly by invite.

'Bankers, models and lawyers, very high criteria.

‘I went because I was promoting the event and because I like participating in the party.’

Ribbsaeter said he did not have any problem with his girlfriend having sex with someone else at the event.

But he told the court he was 'surprised' that she sent him a text message asking where he was and saying she would have sex with someone if he did not turn up.

Ribbsaeter said: ‘I go to look for her on the fourth floor. I wanted to use the toilet and I hear a girl, I could recognise the voice, it sounded like Anna.

‘A man opened the door and he was standing there in his boxers, with his pants down. Anna was leaning against the wall.

‘I was worried because I see her, she was wasted, she was gone. I took her out to the sofa.’

Ribbsaeter left her there and went to the British Luxury Club in Mayfair with a friend but arranged to meet his girlfriend back at the car in Chinatown later that morning.

He said: ‘She was very hyper. She slapped me in the face and said “Why did you leave me at the party?”

‘I told her “Get a hold of yourself” and I slapped her. It was not like to hurt her, it was like get a grip.

‘She stumbled back. I said “Anna get a grip on yourself” and slapped her... It’s hard to explain what she’s like on cocaine.’

Two men who saw the slap and ran over to punch Ribbsaeter in the face, the court heard.

‘I was upset she had put me in this situation,’ he added.

Jurors have heard Ribbsaeter and his girlfriend then drove back towards his flat in Streatham Hill.

Miss Sara-Pod claims he continued hitting her and slammed her head into the dashboard.

She said she agreed to have sex with him in the back seat to calm him down but Ribbsaeter put his hands round her throat.

When he released his grip she grabbed her fur coat and fled to a nearby garage in Thornton Road, Thornton Heath.

After his arrest, Ribbsaeter told police that he slapped his girlfriend at the car park because he could not find a ticket.

He said: ‘We had a scuffle. I know I did not induce those injuries to her.’

Ribbsaeter claimed that as they drove to south London she told him she had made an appointment to meet two men she had met that night.

‘We picked up those two guys. We dropped them off in Croydon and that was it. I didn’t do those injuries to her.’

Asked whether he had ignored his girlfriend that night, he added: ‘I live life in the fast lane so it’s always people come and go.’

Ribbsaeter, of Streatleigh Court, Streatham High Road, Streatham, south London, denies grievous bodily harm.

The trial is due to resume tomorrow.


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