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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

AdilanClub: Parents shocked to find daughter involved in PM Office amok case

Sulaiman Kamal | 11:37 AM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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PUTRAJAYA - The woman suspect who was shot by police after going on a rampage with a male accomplice outside Complex B of the Prime Minister's Department yesterday, had checked on her two small children at her parents' house in Damansara near here, two days ago.

Her father, 55, a nasi lemak seller, said she had asked that the children, aged two and one, to be cared for and thought that his daughter was going outstation on work matters.

He said his daughter, the second of four siblings, worked as an assistant manager at a private company but apparently had stopped work without the parents knowledge.

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"I never thought this could happen. My daughter was leading a normal life. Maybe it was because she liked to surf the Internet. Highly educated but also can end up like this," he told reporters when met at the Putrajaya Hospital here today.

"I'm sorry about what she did," he said, adding that he came to know about the incident when asked to come to the Putrajaya police headquarters after dialling the phone number of his daughter.

Woman a graduate from IIU

In the 2.30pm incident yesterday, the woman, in her late 20s and a graduate of the International Islamic University, Malaysia, was shot in her right thigh and has been warded at the Putrajaya Hospital here whereas her accomplice, Khalil Afandi, 47, who was also shot in the right hand and groin area, died while being rushed to the same hospital.

Police were forced to fire after efforts to calm them down failed and the situation worsened when the duo armed with samurai swords tried to attack policemen and damaged several cars parked in the area.

The woman has also been placed on remand pending investigations.

The woman's mother, also aged 55, when approached by reporters, said: "I am shocked, I don't know what to say. I am very saddened by what has happened."

She said her daughter lived in Klang.

Husband says she was influenced by blog

Check's at the hospital's isolation ward found the woman, whose hair was covered in a black scarf, lying on a bed guarded by two policewomen.

The woman's husband, a lorry driver, when met at the car park of the hospital, claimed that his wife was infuenced by her accomplice's blog.

He said a few days before the incident, his wife was behaving strangely and appeared to be engrossed about Imam Mahadi.

He refused to elaborate further.

Imam Mahadi is a promised messiah who will be sent to reestablish uprightness before the day of judgment.


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