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Saturday, August 4, 2012

AdilanClub: Real life Romeo

Sulaiman Kamal | 9:21 PM | Best Blogger Tips

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SINGAPORE- Love can make men do crazy things.

Just ask Singapore actor Romeo Tan.

"I pieced together a 2,000-piece jigsaw puzzle within three days and on the way cycling to [give it to] her, I met with an accident so the whole jigsaw puzzle broke into pieces.

"I immediately went to buy a new one and did it overnight. Next day, I gave it to her," said Tan with a laugh.

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But that is nothing compared to what his character in the upcoming drama "Don't Stop Believin'" does for his lady love.

Tan plays Jin Zhengnan, a chef that volunteers with students at a school, simply because the girl he likes, Du Siman (Felicia Chin), a teacher at the school asks him to.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

"In the show, there is a scene where she (Du) drops her bracelet in the sea and he (Jin) went all the way, to find an identical bracelet and give it to her!" said Tan.

Mr Perfect

He expressed that it had been a huge challenge to play Jin because he was just too "perfect".

"I feel that this character is too Mr Perfect.

"The character, he has the looks, he is rich, has his own business, his own car, his own condo, understands women, knows how to woo the girl and he is willing to calmly let the girl he likes leave him to find happiness!" said Tan, his eyes wide with disbelief.

"It's so impossible. There are probably men like that but I just can't relate!"

It was the last bit about being able to let the girl go that really riled Tan up.

The actor revealed that, while he is still friends with "a lot of my exes", it took him some time to get over their breakup.

He had "a lot" of exes?

His parents couldn't have given him a more appropriate name; he must've been quite a Romeo.

A look of embarrassment flickered across his face.

Tan said he hasn't always been lucky in love, and, like his character in "Don't Stop Believin'" who gets involved in a love triangle with Du and her dashing co-worker Wu Yanbin (Elvin Ng), Tan was once caught in a love triangle when he and his friend fell for the same girl.

"I encountered this before. Two guys. Secondary school days.

"Me and my friend, we liked the same girl but the thing is in my secondary school days, I am actually quite fat and I'm always the one losing out la. Big tall and clumsy, so the girls won't really fall in love with you," said Tan with a chuckle.

Romeo seeks "caring", "confident" Juliet

Judging from the number of screaming female fans that turn up to support him at the various promotional events he had attended recently, things have certainly turned around for the muscular actor who now endorses an ab sculpting treatment.

He probably has his pick of eligible Juliets, but what sort of girlfriend is he looking for?

Apart from being able to communicate with his parents, Tan, who will also be appearing in November's blockbuster drama "It Takes Two", said his prospective girlfriend should be "caring" and "confident".

"I like women with a lot of self-confidence," said Tan, adding that age isn't an issue.

"A lot of guys are traditional and don't want to be with women older than themselves. I feel that older women are more mature. It's okay if she is older than me."

"Don't Stop Believin'" airs every weeknight from August 14, 9pm on Channel 8.


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