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Monday, August 20, 2012

AdilanClub: Taiwanese rich man drug-rapes 60 female stars, makes sex videos

Sulaiman Kamal | 2:10 PM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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The case of Li Zongrui, the son of a rich Taiwanese, was suspected of drug-raping models and stars, attracted continuous public attention. Previously, it was disclosed that Li Zongrui was suspected of drug-raping up to 60 actresses and famous models, and shooting sex videos secretly. After the exposure of the case, Li Zongrui had absconded for over half a month, and he was wanted by Taiwan police. Recently, the police offered a reward of 200,000 NT (around 40,000 RMB) and called on citizens to help solve the case. It was said that Li Zongrui would probably surrender to the police, but the police said that they would not loosen communication positioning and tracking till he gave himself up.

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In July 2011, two sisters accused Li of drug-raping them and shooting sex videos. Li denied and defended that the victims had sex with him consensually. Police found in the investigation that there were up to 60 stars and models in the sex videos shot secretly by Li Zongrui. These videos were disgusting and creepy, which were shot when the victims were totally unaware of it. The amount of videos was even larger than Edison Chen’s obscene photos. Li Zongrui saved the videos in different folders with classification, and even named the folder with the Chinese or English name of the victims. After one-year of investigation, Taipei District Prosecutors Office issued Wanted Notice in August 2012, but Li Zongrui had alredy left Taiwan.

It was learned that he usually get the victim drunk in a bar and take her home. If she was not drunk, he would take her home with some excuse to drug her and rape her. This case had attracted widespread attention and the victim list became longer and longer. Besides W actress, H married actress, C model, T girl, and L model, the snowball was getting bigger and bigger. It was rumored that “a host of a children program” might also be a victim. And some netizen also claimed that there was another “influential” actress among the victims.

The Li Zongrui case involved many actresses. Some Netizen posted several obscene photos and claimed Lin Xilei was one of the victims. But the photos were identified as photoshopped.

At present, all those actresses and models in Taiwan entertainment industry, who were named in this case, claimed that they are “not familiar with”, “had no contact with” and“did not know” (Li Zongrui). Zhu Xueheng, a famous writer, commented on this phenomenon, “all Taiwanese know Li Zongrui, except those who ever took photos with him.”



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