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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

AdilanClub: The Real War on Women Is in Egypt (Video)

Sulaiman Kamal | 7:32 PM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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The War on Women is alive and well in Egypt, where a so-called "honor killing" was recently caught on tape. The woman was murdered during the day, in the midst of a crowd in Hariri's manor in eastern province.

She is in the fetal position while she is being stabbed to death. As reported by tedshoebat.com, the the son of former terrorist Walid Shoebat, "Honor killings are becoming more and more common in Egypt, since the toppling of Mubarak." It would be heartening if President Morsi would loudly denounce such a vicious injustice and see to it that the killer is brought to justice.

Apparently, the woman's crime was that her son had killed the perpetrator's brother. So, of course, she had to die. And nobody stopped him. The sickening tragedy is made that much more unbearable in light of the fact that nobody stepped in to save this innocent victim.

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"Unfortunately for women, Copts, and other non-Muslim minorities in Egypt, this is not some extraordinary, unheard of sort of attack," said Center for Security Policy analyst and senior fellow Clare Lopez, as reported by Michael Carl at WND. It is inconceivable that the United States would continue to send money to Egypt while honor killings continue.

But Americans will pay. As reported today by Egypt Independent,

"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reassured Egypt's new Islamist president on Monday that the United States would forge ahead with plans to expand economic assistance despite anti-American protests that cast new shadows over US engagement with the region."

RT reports that in Morsi's Egypt, there is now a call to to revive the sickening practice female genital mutilation, which was banned in 2007. The article speaks of "renewed parliamentary calls to revive the practice of female circumcision." Female genital mutilation is associated with numerous physical and emotional health problems. The first lady, Suzanne Mubarak, was a vocal advocate against the practice of female genital mutilation and assisted in getting it banned in 2007.

Astoundingly, the article reports that "in May the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) - the largest party in the parliament with 48 per cent of seats - was accused of launching a charity medical campaign for circumcision of girls in the southern Egyptian governorate of Minya." Perhaps instead of mutilating the genitals of little girls, they can opt to feed the poor with their vast resources provided by the American tax-payer.

One site, "stophonourkillings" is trying to bring awareness to the real "War on Women."

The horror was captured by a mobile phone; the screams are devastating. (Warning: GRAPHIC!



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