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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

AdilanClub: Your child could be GAY & it's the Opposition's FAULT: Another BN political gimmick?

Sulaiman Kamal | 11:05 PM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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The term LGBT — an initial that collectively refers to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community — has been in use since the 1990s.  They are often genteelly referred to as sexually disoriented individuals.

The education ministry is suddenly getting worried that Malaysian children are “showing some tendency” towards becoming gays.  But they have failed to come up with any substantial evidence or statistics on this. It seems that the ministry has established “guidelines” for parents seeking to discover if their children are gay in order to help set them straight.

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Social child abuse

This is going to be a mental anguish politicians will be wreaking on children and their parents. It can be described as another form of surreptitious social child abuse that is being meted out on all sexually disoriented children.

Some politicians are not aware that sexual disorientation is not an acquired disease and to the psychiatrists it cannot be “cured”. The most they could do is to make the sexually disoriented learn to suppress their sexual feeling, outward manifests or dissociate them from the flock. But this again will be at the expense of their mental misperception and confusion.

Little do politicians realise that some sexually disoriented individuals who might fit a stereotyped image, and many others who do not. The disorientation may not even lead to sexual activities.  And there are the sexually disoriented in all walks of life – teachers, university lecturers, doctors, lawyers, politicians, executives, chefs, TV and movie personalities, religious figures and so forth.

It’s not a symptom that afflicts only the socially divergent groups found in schools or on the streets. It’s just another form of behaviour that does not conform to the accepted norm of a society.

Instead of improving the poor quality of education in schools it was reported that the ministry is going to be busy identifying ‘Gay Warning Signs’ in schoolchildren. This must be the first country in the world to embark on this exercise – all for their hidden political agenda.

And this move is going to bring lots of humiliation and trauma to schoolchildren and embarrass their parents. It will also incur the wrath of voters.

Since when did UMNO or the education ministry take a moral high ground on this sexually disoriented syndrome among schoolchildren? Are they indirectly hinting at a much bigger political issue that they feel can be exploited to gain votes in elections?

UMNO is again trapped in their soiled political manoeuvre to fight a decent battle with the Opposition.

Political gimmick to muddy the waters

Does the ministry have the expertise to typecast gay stereotypes among children and teens?  Or is it just another political gimmick to muddy the waters with imaginary threats of LGBT to the society? No school teacher, school counsellor or parents are competent or accomplished enough to handle this tender aspect of a child’s physical and mental proclivity.

Little do UMNO leaders realise that the gay predisposition among some teens is more of a medical-cum-psychological disorientation and that it is not an acquired trait. In the days when the advancement of medical and social sciences was inconsequential in many societies, being sexual disoriented was considered aberrant or a curse in the society.

With the advance of medical sciences humans are able to comprehend better the reasons behind this physiological dynamics of the human anatomy. Although many may not condone an individual’s sexual aberrances they are apparently more tolerant when they discern the issue from the medical and biological perspectives.

There’s no scientific evidence thus far to say one can choose not to be sexually disoriented.

Handling the sexually disoriented needs a medical and psychological approach to it — not a political assignation. Large handbags, tight slacks, light-coloured clothes and large handbags, Karl Lagerfeld look, DM boots, makeups or the butch look are all but superficial social symptoms of the sexually disoriented.

These elements do not carry much weight in the medical sciences.  They are mere fashion manifests of individuals according to times and do not truly represent schoolchildren as gays. Why such a humiliation to schoolchildren and parents then?

A biological predisposition

Humans may have some kind of sexual disorientation that comes under the less than 3 percent lower percentile of a normal distribution curve of human sexual orientation.   But a psychiatrist would say that there is no “normal” person on this earth — only their degree of normality or abnormality varies from the arbitrary norm.

That is to say, no human being is psychologically normal, perfect or has standard proportions of body hormones in his or her body to call himself a perfect creation.

From within this minor percentile are found among others those who are manifestly described as lesbian — a term used to describe sexual and romantic desire between females; gay – a term to describe people attracted to members of the same sex; bisexual — a term to describe a romantic or sexual attraction or behaviour towards males and females; and transgender — a term used to describe people who may act, feel, think or look different from the gender that they were born with.

Children will come to realise their sexual disorientation as they grow.  Some will try hard to change but not many would succeed as this is more of a biological predisposition for them rather than an acquired trait.

Most will live on with their genetic attributes as legitimate sexually disoriented individuals despite undergoing tremendous mental torture and psychological trauma and at times being ostracised by the community and even their own parents.

Sexual preference may not always be their priority in life but the way they carry themselves could irk some moralists and religionists.

Fallacious hints to parents

It was reported that the ministry wants this issue be brought up in order for the “gays” to be “rooted out” and once the schoolchildren have symptoms of LGBT, “immediate attention should be given”.  This appears to be a blurry statement for parents to digest.

Seminars are organised across the country with speakers – including religious figures — talking to parents as though they are the expertise, the know-all and saviours of the sexually disoriented children.

It’s all politics in the guise of education and counselling.

This effort has humiliated schoolchildren and parents and is a scandalous discrimination against innocent schoolchildren whose sexual orientation is innate and not acquired. It’s a deliberate political move by UMNO to give fallacious hints to parents or voters that they are against “those” who they politically perceive as sexually disoriented in the society.

The ministry knows that teachers and parents can effortlessly spot signs of sexual disorientation in children but unfortunately they cannot do much to overcome this “warning sign”.

It’s only when they become teens they begin to realise their innate sexual orientation without anyone influencing them. No children can be “converted” to a sexually disoriented person. The symptoms are traits of an individual solely limited to him or her and are not contagious in any way.

Setting up camps for "effeminate" boys to show them how to become men has not produced any tangible results. They must have come to realise that changing sexual orientation is not possible.

Societies cannot accept this reality

All religions are basically against those who are sexually disoriented if it is attributed to social influence or a cult. But when this disorientation has been medically proven to be genetic they will have to accept the fact it is not a straightforwardly preventable disorder.

Sexual disorientation is not a purely learned behaviour any more than is ‘normal’ sexual comportment. “Victims” have not chosen to be sexually disoriented after much exposure to it.

Genes and the environment may play a role in human development but innate sexual disorientation is not a trait newly acquired, as “victims” already have a priori knowledge of their orientation.

Efforts in the medical sciences to get rid of innate sexual disorientation in an individual in the past have not been successful. Aversive therapy — giving negative stimuli such as electric shocks or drugs that make them queasy when they see homoerotic impetuses — has failed and distressed them instead.

To a psychiatrist, being sexually disoriented is a natural part of human sexuality. But based on culture, tradition or religious beliefs most societies cannot accept this reality.  Going by the rules of creation, lots of animal species, including insects, fish, mammals and reptiles do experience sexual disorientation.

Of course, humans are endowed with more intelligence to distinguish between right and wrong. But still this becomes too relative a matter when a physical or biological attribute is due to some genetic predisposition, such as a person’s sexual disorientation.

The “victims” need professional counselling and not political prescriptions to mend their ways — if at all the trait can be supressed or changed.

Adverse presage for UMNO

The ministry’s “Gay Warning Signs” in school is an effort to humiliate children and parents. This political tinge in education is done at the displeasure of most parents.  Children are unnecessarily exposed to humiliation is schools under the wing of those who know less about sexual disorientation from the medical point of view.

Criticism and shaming children in school because of gender-nonconforming behaviour in childhood or in adolescence will affect them mentally. Parents are averse to this — all initiated by those with a political agenda to it. This is going to be another adverse presage for UMNO before the 13th general election.

Bungling politicians are again tinkering with education and this time humiliating schoolchildren and parents.

They seem not to be cognisant of the fact that overt and negative societal views of sexual disorientation can lead to a variety of psychiatric and behavioural symptoms among children which include sense of guilt, downheartedness, fretfulness, denial, rejection, anti-social behaviour and even suicide.


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