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Sunday, October 28, 2012

AdilanClub: Thai babe paints with her breasts on TV

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Why paint with brushes when you've got breasts?
AdilanClub:Breaking news, is the best for news
What's the difference between a nude painting and painting nude? According to reality boob tube show Thailand's Got Talent, it means earning your 15 minutes of fame—and then some.

Duangjai Jansaunoi, 23, went on the show, whipped off her top, chucked a few buckets of paint on her body and then proceeded to "paint" on a giant canvas with her breasts—much to the shock, horror, laughter, jeers and cheers from the three judges, thousands of audience members and millions of home viewers.

In the episode broadcast on Thailand's national TV on Sunday, Duangjai, who hails from the north, introduced herself as an "independent artist".

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Title: Knockers. Artist: Naked girl. Type: Breasts on canvas.

She started her performance with an actual paint brush, dancing, and then slowly removing her shirt and bra, showering herself with red, yellow, blue and green paint, smearing the paint all over herself, turning to face the packed hall with a smile, then rubbing her naked body all over the canvas.

The final work of art was a patchwork of smudges.

Cameras caught a multitude of audience reactions, from gasps to applause, as sole female judge Pornchita Na Songkhla hit the reject button in the middle of the performance and stopped her from carrying on. The stage crew quickly handed her a towel to cover herself up.

However, the two male judges on the panel, director-producer Pinyo Reudhamma and singer-actor Jirayut Wattanasin, both voted her into the next round of the competition, which sparked a fiery argument with Pornchita and caused her to storm off the set.

"How can this be art? Anyone can do it! It's boldness, not talent. It's not appropriate. Within the Thai cultural context, I can't support this," Pornchita said in disgust. Duangjai, defending herself, replied: "If I paint in a normal way, it would be too ordinary."

The next day, the government rebuked the show, labelling the performance "indecent" and "very shocking", and summoned the producers and station executives to explain why the "inappropriate content" wasn't edited out of the primetime broadcast, as the show was pre-recorded.

Channel 3 was ultimately fined 500,000 baht (RM50,000). But more controversy followed days later when the press exposed Duangjai as a nude model who was hired for 10,000 baht (RM1,000) to get on the show to boost ratings. The stunt casting was confirmed by her own parents.

Since Thailand's Got Talent debuted last year, contestants have pulled out the stops to get on TV and win the 10,000,000 baht (RM1mil) prize. A skinny young man once stripped down to a G-string while dancing like a drunken go-go boy. Ironically, Pornchita saw talent in that and voted him through while the other two male judges cast him out.

Meanwhile, a clip of Duangjai's routine has gone viral on YouTube, attracting over a million views in one week.



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