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Monday, December 3, 2012

AdilanClub: Malaysia, Singapore girls forced into sex taping

Sulaiman Kamal | 11:16 AM | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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SINGAPORE- The girls sit at a local cafe. They don’t shy away from their anger and frustration. As university students from Malaysia and Singapore, they tell Bikyamasr.com they should have known better than to trust a group of men they met at a club last month, but they are young and wanted an “exciting experience.”

Instead it turned into a nightmare evening, with knives put into their face as they were forced to strip and perform sexual acts on each other as the men, at first, watched and then joined in, all while filming.

“It is our fault. We shouldn’t have gone with them to their flat, but we were stupid,” said Anna, a 21-year-old Singapore citizen, who added to Bikyamasr.com “that shouldn’t mean we should have been subjected to rape and forced to have sex with each other.”

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Lulu, a Malaysian student, 19, retold the story, giving the horrific details, of which she said they were unsure if they would go to the police for fear of reprisals and their families’ reaction.

“It is frustrating, because if we go to the police, I know my family and a few other girls will be forced to go home and we won’t finish university,” she said, before giving the details of what happened in late November.

“We were at a club, dancing away and had had a few drinks. These guys came up to us and started chatting. They seemed nice, so when they invited us back to their flat for a few drinks after the club closed we went with them. We didn’t know they were going to force us to do things,” she began, the other five girls nodding slowing as she told the story.

“When we were back at the flat, we had a few more drinks. Then they started to get aggressive with us, touching us and trying to kiss us. When we became uncomfortable, we tried to leave, but then they pulled out knives on us and told us to get naked. We didn’t know what to do, but they kept the knives on us so we did as they demanded.

“Then they brought out a camera and directed us to start to have sex with each other. They brought out sex toys and made us perform on each other, while they watched, filmed and masturbated.

“After what seemed like forever, three of the men came over to us and forced themselves on us, having sex with each of us until they were finished. It was horrible. They raped us repeatedly.”

When the men were finished, they threatened they would take the tape public if the girls said anything.

“That is a real fear we have, because it would be horrible and our families would hate us and blame us for it,” added Lulu.

They said they were still contemplating whether to go to the police, but for now, planned on not doing so out of fear.

The girls warned other university students to be careful when meeting new people at clubs in the city, saying that while most of the men are nice and honest, they don’t want other girls to find their way into similar situations.


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