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Monday, January 21, 2013

AdilanClub: Najib, show who’s boss and arrest Dr M

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It is strange that Deepak can continue to make damning and incriminating statements about Najib and Rosmah in relation to Altantunya’s horrific murder and nothing happens. What is even more surprising is that nothing is happening to this carpet trader, typically an easy target to demonstrate power and Ketuanan Melayu by all and sundry in Umno and its servants such as the police, MACC and  Perkasa.

It is also odd that ex-IGP Musa can suddenly “expose” home minister Hishamudin and the current IGP’s  illegal actions and the police’s links with the under world, and again nothing happens. Musa, who would have been thrashed and trashed if he had acted thus under Mahathir’s rule, is continuing to enjoy a free and easy retirement and his exposure of Hishamudin and the current IGP continues.

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Najib’s deputy Muhiyidin openly contradicts him in relation to 1Malaysia and utters anti-nationalist statements such as “Malay first and Malaysian second”, and nothing happens to him. If Mahathir could kick out two deputies (Musa Hitam and Ghaffar Baba) and imprison one (Anwar) on trumped-up reasons and charges, Najib, as PM, should have no difficultly in kicking out the openly racist, corrupt and tainted deputy Muhiyidin.

It is clear that Muhiyidin, ex-IGP Musa, Deepak and others who are undermining Najib are being protected by a very powerful godfather. There is only one true godfather in Malaysia and we all know who that is. In case you do not know, here is a clue – he is an Indian who masquerades as a Malay and his name is “Ma…. Mo….”

Of late Mahathir Mohamad himself has become very very bold in making all kinds of ridiculous and slanderous statements. When nothings happens, he ups the ante and makes even more slanderous and treacherous  statements to appeal to Umno and the ultra-Malays. All that Najib and his home minister cum cousin Hishamudin do is to watch in silence while Mahathir’s stinking oral diarrhea continues.

To the ordinary Malaysian, it appears that Mahathir has Najib’s b…. in his hands  and Najib just can’t do anything to shut up or take out  Mahathir. All that Najib does is to pretend that nothing has happened and goes about announcing handouts, making promises and attending  functions, particularly those organised by the Indian community (Najib seems to have developed an affinity  for Indians lately, perhaps because they are an easy target to buy over).

At this rate , Najib will soon replace Badawi and enter the Malaysia Book of Records as the weakest and most ineffective prime minister. Najib is clearly a sitting duck for Mahathir to dispose off as he confidently positions Muhiyidin and Mukhriz to be PM and DPM respectively after GE13 .

The fact that Mahathir can do and speak anything, including admitting to various wrongdoings, without any fear says a lot about who is really in charge of Malaysia. It is evident to all that Najib is PM only in name but not in power or influence. Everyone knows that Mahathir is the most powerful man in Malaysia.

Most of the Rakyat feel that Najib is merely a puppet and Mahathir is the puppet-master and effective PM. A golden opportunity has finally been given to Najib where he can fix Mahathir for good for all the crime and ill he has inflicted and continues to inflict on the country.

Mahathir has openly admitted to the issuing of blue ICs to illegal immigrants in Sabah when he was PM. As if to reinforce that Najib is only PM in name but in power, Mahathir has arrogantly defended his treasonous act and has even the gall to equate his treacherous act to the great Tunku’s legitimate granting of citizenship to non-Malays for Malaya (not Malaysia) to be granted independence by the British.

If this action of Mahathir is not treason against the country and Agong, what else is? Mahathir’s oral diarrhea and utter arrogance has made him very vulnerable in the eyes of all genuine Malaysians. Najib should seize this opportunity and arrest Mahathir for treason. Najib will be fully supported by the Rakyat, his supporters in Umno and other BN component parties and even Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat in this matter.

Najib, don’t wait. Seize the opportunity and arrest Mahathir, and establish that you are the Prime minister. This decisive action of yours may convince the Rakyat that you are bold and strong, and they may give you another opportunity to be PM and may even forgive you for some of the things you are accused of.


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