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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

AdilanClub: Sex bloggers Alvin & Vivian dish sex tips on YouTube

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Notorious sex bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee are milking the heck out of their 15 minutes of infamy. After riding out the storm caused by their homemade sex tapes, they're back on YouTube with new videos—as amateur sex therapists.

Getting in front of the camera again—partially dressed this time—they have already posted three web episodes on their channel SexcussionsAlvivi since setting it up a month ago. So far the channel has a total of 25,000 views for the weekly episodes.

On their channel, they write: "We feel that sex is extremely important yet under-discussed, especially sexual health, sexual identity, sexual morality, and of course sexual happiness. Thus we hope to inspire Malaysians and Singaporeans to open up more not just on sex but also other issues close to heart."

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In the most popular video uploaded, Alvin and Vivian are laying in bed, half under the sheets, in their underwear, offering helpful hints and friendly tips and advice on how to have sex.

And for one of their upcoming episodes, they speak to random people on the streets of Kuala Lumpur about sex. A few people recognised them and asked to take pictures while others weren't into being recorded for their "reality show". But some were game enough to answer their questions on camera.

"We have two goals from this—to make this video project a full-time job that can sustain us and to be well known in Malaysia," said Alvin. In fact, they're already turning it into a business by hocking T-shirts, posters and other merchandise through an online store.

Alvin and Vivian were one of the biggest stories of 2012, when they posted their sex tapes and naked photos on a website and became a national scandal. As a result, Alvin's ASEAN scholarship at the National University Of Singapore, where he was studying law, was marked for termination.

He now says completing his legal education is the last thing on his mind, even though his parents want him to at least try for a law degree.

For Vivian, the whole sordid affair and backlash from certain quarters proved too much for her family and she's now estranged from them. She has since moved in permanently with Alvin in his KL love nest, which she takes viewers on a tour of in a video on SexcussionsAlvivi.

"Our relationship is stronger because of this," she said.

Their biggest fear, added Alvin, was never about running afoul of the law or getting into trouble with the authorities—they're only scared of fading into obscurity. "We're not looking for one-off publicity," he said. "We want to be known as the enduring couple who would dare to talk about sex."



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