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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

AdilanClub: It's a cow, it's a cockroach. No, it's a chicken - the Nong Chik dare-not-to-debate Nurul broiler!

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AdilanClub:Breaking news, is the best for news

All over Lembah Pantai, posters of a rodent-like creature have appeared. Nose twitching, it insists on wishing you a Happy New Year, or a Happy FT Day or whatever the occasion is. Recently it was all over town in person, attempting to ingratiate itself with the Chinese residents of Lembah Pantai, by handing out oranges to all and sundry. Closer examination reveals the creature to be none other than the inept FT Minister, Raja Nong Chik.

Nong Chik appears to have got it into his head that he can beat the incumbent MP for Lembah Pantai, Nurul Izzah Anwar, at the next elections. To this end he has gone around painting various neglected buildings. The neglect in the first place, of course, was of BN’s doing.

Nong Chik also appears to have acquired a small army of thuggish Mat Rempits, who, bankrolled by their generous patron, and suitably high on various drugs, go around town disrupting opposition ceramahs. Their modus operandi appears to be to shout, to rev their bikes, to throw stones at the general public and occasionally to stab someone.

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The police, of course, as is their wont, would just stand around, uselessly watching. Only in Bangsar on Saturday did policeman block them from entering the ceramah area. Else the well-heeled, Starbucks-frequenting Bangsar residents would have got an unexpected taste of political violence, BN-style.

Return the loot, and we'll spare you jail - Anwar tells Dr M

This last ceramah in Bangsar on Saturday, attended by Nurul Izzah, Anwar Ibrahim and Ambiga amongst others appeared to indicate a change of mood among both protagonists and supporters of Pakatan Rakyat.

The man they all wanted to hear was, naturally, Anwar Ibrahim, and he delivered, offering to let Mahathir off the hook if he would return the money he stole, among other things.

Yet it was Nurul Izzah who delivered a stunning speech earlier. Gone was the debutant of 5 years ago speaking in sing-song college debate voice. What we saw was a charismatic, tough-as-nails campaigner delivering a scathing attack on the Barisan Nasional.

More, she is clearly future prime-ministerial material. Nong Chik himself came in for particular fire from Nurul. With withering contempt Nong Chik was told to be “a man” and face her directly in debate.

Brown rat on amphetamines!

Indeed, Nong Chik has been scuttling around, like a brown rat on amphetamines, making empty grandiose statements yet not daring to face Nurul Izzah. Nong Chik has also taken to having Nurul’s posters torn down and replaced with his own.

This last has only served to accentuate the difference between the two. Where Nurul shines charismatically, Nong Chik grins slyly, making you want to check whether your wallet is still there.

Nong Chik is also burdened by the fact that his 24-year old daughter ‘won’ a RM30 millon project without a tender from the BN government. Which reminds everybody in Lembah Pantai of Shahrizat Jalil; thrown out of office by Nurul in 2008; whose husband won a  RM250 million contract which he then proceeded to splurge on a series of luxury condominiums all over the world.

Is it surprising Nong Chik recently made the startling suggestion to Lembah Pantai residents that they should not let scandals affect their decisions? They are not likely to follow his advice.

To overcome this, Nong Chik appears to have pulled out all the stops in manipulating the voter roll. In collusion with the BN-friendly Elections Commission, thousands of new voters have appeared on the Lembah Pantai electoral roll. The number of phantom voters is unknown but could be as high as 10% of the voters. The Nong Chik camp will of course know them all.

The dead are particularly friendly to BN, rising every election day from their graves in various stages of decomposition, shuffling to the voting centers, and invariably voting for the Barisan Nasional.

No response yet to debate dare

A day after Nurul’s challenge to Nong Chik, there has been no response from him. Yet this poltroonery is not limited to Nong Chik, as Najib Razak, the BN leader, has yet to find the courage to face Anwar Ibrahim in debate despite being repeatedly challenged.

Nong Chik was last seen sneaking around in a police vehicle spying on Nurul Izzah’s ceramah.

Nong Chik has financial might on his side, thugs on his payroll to do his dirty work, and a servile Election Commission. Will he be able to pull of a victory against Nurul Izzah Anwar?

Nay, she will crush him.


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