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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Boy's look of scorn goes viral in China

Sulaiman Kamal | 9:27 PM | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Candid image showing a boy giving his classmate, Chinese prodigy Huang Yibo a damning look of scorn has gone viral on the Internet.

After "brother Lost" and "brother buckteeth" shot to Internet stardom after their candid classroom picture was leaked, another photo showing a boy giving his classmate a damning look of scorn has gone viral on the Internet.

What got netizens talking was that the recipient of the withering look is none other than Chinese prodigy, Huang Yibo.

News of China's latest wunderkind Huang Yibo have been all over the media recently, after the 13-year-old attained the maximum of five strokes on his white armband, which denotes the maximum level attained as a 'young pioneer' in school.

It is an achievement which is practically unheard of.

Interest in Huang was stoked further by the revelation that the young prodigy has had a keen interest in politics since the age of two, eschewing cartoons for hard news.

He was also said to be earmarked for a political career in future.

But perhaps all the attention has made some of his classmates jealous, speculated netizens, as evidenced in the photo.

The picture of 'brother scorn', as he is known by Chinese netizens, spread like wild-fire through the Internet.

The image was captured from a television news broadcast.

Soon, photoshopped images of the boys began appearing, in the fashion of 'brother lost and brother buckteeth' - the two class clowns who also became famous for their candid classroom picture.

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