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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Drunken couple try to have sex on busy street

Sulaiman Kamal | 7:51 PM | Best Blogger Tips

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A video showing a drunk man sexually attacking an equally drunk woman on a busy street in China has been widely circulated online.

In the 38-second clip, the man is seen squatting next to a woman, who is lying on Tianlin street, Shanghai.
The woman's shirt has been pulled up and her breasts are exposed.
The man kisses the woman's lips and breasts.
Many people, including one in a security guard's uniform, walk past with shocked expressions on their faces, but none of them stops the man from sexually assaulting the woman.
A passer-by even filmied the incident and posted the footage online.
An eyewitness, surnamed Sun, told Shanghai Morning Post that the incident occurred around 3.30pm on April 30.

She said the man and the woman were drunk and fell onto the ground.
The man stood up and tried to pull his friend up but failed. In the struggle, the woman's shirt was pulled up.
Sun called the police she saw what the man wa doing to the woman.
The drunken pair was taken to the police station four minutes later. They were reprimanded.
When they had recovered their senses, they apologised for their conduct.

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