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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Flashbacks of May 13: Kidnap threat on Nurul's daughter if Anwar doesn't quit

Sulaiman Kamal | 12:57 AM | Best Blogger Tips

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Flashbacks of May 13: Kidnap threat on Nurul's daughter if Anwar doesn't quit
May 13, 1969 was black day for Malaysia, symbolising the extent of evil power-crazed politicians would go to just to be King of the hill. Now 42 years later, it appears that the same lust and megalomania has not died, but only changed clothes and hairstyles.
On May 13, 2011, Lembah Pantai MP Nurrul Izzah Anwar lodged a police report after receiving a threat from an unknown person or group to kidnap her three-year old daughter.
“The person threatened that my daughter will share the same fate as Sharlinie. If I continue to support my father, then I will not be able to save my child," Nurul told reporters after making her statement at the Dangi Wangi station on Friday.
“The person also threatened that if I do not urge my father to stop from politics. then something will happen to my daughter."
Nurul is the oldest daughter of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim. Sharlinie is a 5-year old who was abducted while at the playground and remains missing till today.
The 31-year old Nurul is also a PKR vice president. She received the first SMS on May 11 and a second SMS on May 12 to remind her of the first threat.
“On May 5th 2011, I received the first SMS from that individual stressing that there was something important to tell me. The person also asked me to call back immediately. The SMS was sent twice that same day," said Nurul, who is married to corporate financier, Raja Ahmad Shahrir.
The full text of the SMS obtained by Malaysia Chronicle shows a coherent train of thought and seriousness of intent. The message was written in Malay and states as follows:
yb nurul, berhati2 jangan terus menerus menyokong ayah yb, dsai., kerana bimbang ada yg sakit hati nak jadikan nasib anak yb mcm sharlinie. oleh itu, sebelum apa2 terjadi, yb bercakaplah benar walaupun pahit tentang ayab yb, dgn ini yb dapat selamatkan anak yb. disamping itu yb dapat halang ayah yb dari terus tipu rakyat, berhenti dari politik dan selesaikan masalah peribadi. jadilah ibu yg penyayang dan anak yg bertanggungjawab.

Savagery of May 13 still haunts nation
In May 1969, despite winning the general elections with a two-thirds majority, Umno was accused of provoking racial riots to consolidate its grip on power. However, there are many pundits who believe that there was infighting amongst the top leaders in Umno itself.
The two key players then were first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman and current Prime Minister Najib Razak's father, Abdul Razak Hussein. It is widely believed that the May 13 riots, where scores of Chinese civilians were hacked to death, was a cover-up for the coupstaged by Abdul Razak against the Tunku.
Abdul Razak took over in 1970, after Tunku was forced to resign. In 1971, he implemented the New Economic Policy, where the original intention was to eradicate poverty.
But during the era of Mahathir Mohamad, the fourth premier who ruled from 1981 to 2003, the NEP was abused and twisted into a racial leveraging tool to mask massive government corruption.
From 2000 to 2009, at least RM888 billion ringgit was siponed out of the country in illicit outflows, according to watch-dog body Global Financial Integrity. And of the 54billion ringgit of equity ownership distributed by the government to the Malays and indigenous people, only RM2 billion remains in Malay hands, signifying the gross abuse of the community's financial naivete by the Umno ruling elite.
Najib, who was 23 years old when his father died, is not unknown for his own racial controversies. In 1987, as the Umno Youth chief, he promised to bathe the keris (Malay sword) in Chinese blood.
That speech ratcheted up already simmering racial tensions stoked by a host of other events allegedly engineered by Mahathir to pave the way for Operations Lalang - a codename for the ruthless crackdown on scores of opposition politicians and activists who had objected to the massive graft behind his mega projects including the North-South Expressway.
In 2010, at the Umno general assembly, Najib vowed to stay in power even it meant "lost lives", "crushed bodies" and "ethnic cleansing".
"To many people, May 13, 1969 is the day that 'dark' forces took control of our country. They blacked out the news in 1969 and in 1987. You can see now, Umno has already warned their media not to report about the murder attempt on Anwar or the kidnap threat on Izzah's daughter to force him to quit politics," PKR vice president Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.
"I am very worried that the situation will degenerate further with the BN moving from character assasination to outright assasination," PAS vice president Salahauddin Ayub had told Malaysia Chronicle.
No stranger to danger
Nurul and family are no strangers to danger and sabotage. Even so, they are on red alert now and extra careful about the places they go to and the people they approach.
“I am very worried on the safety of my children and family. This is not the first time that my family has been threatened with the sex video and sabotage of my father’s car,” she said.
Just days ago, Anwar's driver of 28 years had also lodged a police complaint against sabotage to the family's car, fearing that the saboteurs were trying to "hurt or kill Anwar Ibrahim".
A caliper-guide bolt-pin that supports the disc brake in the car, a Mercedes S350, had been removed.
"I was told that it is impossible for the bolt to come off without someone removing it. Based on what the mechanic told me, there are also elements of sabotage, considering that the vehicle is regularly used by Anwar," the 51-year old river Abdullah Sani Hj Said had told the press,
Both chilling incidents have shocked Malaysians, although most have at one time time or another warned in their private conversations that "Umno will do something to him if they cannot win".
Pakatan Rakyat leaders too fear that the ruling elite in Umno might resort to murder and assassination if their attempts to 'kill' Anwar's character with a litany of sexual charges - from sodomy with male partners to adultery with a female prostitute - fail to diminish his charisma.
"There has been Sodomy I, Sodomy 2, Datuk T sex video and now if they cannot kill his character and his credibility, I am very worried his enemies might just kill him," warned PAS's Salahuddin.
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