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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Students caught in the act in uniform

Sulaiman Kamal | 6:26 PM | Best Blogger Tips

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This young couple was spotted at the foot of a HDB block. The couple were hugging and kissing, even though the girl was still in her school uniform. Said the netizen who sent in the photo to STOMP: "I saw this couple hugging and kissing. The girl is still in school uniform. What has the world come to?"

FIRST, there was a spate of pictures of teens getting intimate in secluded staircase landings.
Now, it appears as if teenagers are becoming more and more brazen - in school uniform - going by pictures and comments on citizen journalism website Stomp.

Teenagers have been pictured making out on crowded buses and on trains, in full view of other commuters, oblivious to those around them. They kiss and sometimes fondle each other openly.

Stomp receives an average of four such pictures a month, said editor Chew V Ming.

Most of those responding say the teenagers are being disrespectful and behaving downright inappropriately.

One such disgusted Stomp contributor, known only as Wee, took pictures of two secondary school students in school uniform making out on a crowded bus on April 23 and sent it to Stomp.

He was so annoyed that he scolded the two teenagers on the bus.

He told Stomp: "Why are students wearing school uniform and making out in public for everyone to see all the time?

"They should have some sense of shame and show more consideration to the members of the public.

Some of the people who were sitting behind them had to resort to moving to the front seats so that they wouldn't have to tolerate such a scene for the whole journey."

Two days before that, another Stomp contributor sent pictures of another teenage couple sitting on the floor of an MRT platform and kissing openly.
Said the Stomp contributor: "By doing this in public, you are not only bringing down the name of your school but also being a disgrace in public.

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