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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Treat women suspects with decency and dignity

Sulaiman Kamal | 1:05 PM | | | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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'The police treat these women like animals because they know these women are powerless. If the police don't respect others, others will not respect them.'

X-marks and chains for suspects rile rights groups

FellowMalaysian: The chaining and marking of these people are atrocious and inhumane. The police are the most despicable perpetrator of human rights abuse. As police officers, it is ironical to see someone in uniform harassing the women instead of protecting them.

They show no respect for others and yet they are the enforcers of law. This kind of horrible, heinous act is totally unacceptable. When are we ever going to learn to stop abusing the victims and show some humanity?

Vocal Malaysian: I have two points to make on this issue.

1. No one respects the police these days, and they think they can redeem themselves by acting tough - well, tough luck, the more you behave like gangsters, the less people will respect you.

2. They raid these places because the police were not paid under-counter money or perhaps they were asked to do so by rival triad gangs - so the question is, why is the salary of our police so low? How can they be expected to do a decent job when they have to fend for themselves and their family?

Changeagent: This makes absolutely no sense at all. How does marking 'X' on the forehead or a tick on the chest help the police officers from Bukit Aman? Can they not do the job without marker pens? Or have the marker pens become so important now that it is almost as indispensable as guns, handcuffs, chains and batons?

Cala: Looking at the way Bukit Aman police is disfiguring the girls from China reminds me of the fact that 'human rights' is a subject very alien to them.

Why? Malaysia, as a Third World nation, has not come to term with other more enlightened nations in embracing the Vienna Declaration in 1993 and be counted as a signatory to the International Bill of Human Rights - the international covenant on economic, social and cultural rights as well as the covenant on civil and political rights.

Their barbaric action hence is understandable looking in this context. Are we a respectable nation in the eyes of international community?

Jazz Singer: Notice how some of those ladies have 'X' on their bodies and some have ticks. Does that mean that some of these ladies failed and some passed some sort of test, have been rejected or accepted for some sort of action?

I think the police should see the multitude of TV programmes that show how the police handle these people in the US. This is Asian values at its best, I suppose. The thing is that these girls were manhandled but the owners and the patrons wre let off. It's like treating an itch when the cancer is the cause.

Meranti Kepong: It is totally unacceptable and equally condemnable that these foreign women are gang-chained and marked like cattle going to the slaughter house.

They are victims of international human trafficking and the police should investigating this angle rather than violating the human rights of these victimised women. It seems to me that the police are incapable of performing even this type of social work properly.

TehTarik: I am waiting for the day when corrupt politicians are arrested and similarly put in chains. Maybe instead of using a pen to make a cross, a cattle prod should be used. Compared to these girls, corrupt politicians have caused many more children to go hungry with their blatant thievery.

Chaining these girls smacks of total disregard for human rights and decency. Remember, how Hindraf members were similarly brought to court in chains after the rally. The police seem to have mastered the art of selective persecution.

The untouchable corrupt politicians, like the 'Brown Rajah' and 'Javanese Toyo', are way above the law. But ultimately, even they will have to answer to the Almighty on Judgement Day.

Ferdtan: When a person does not respect another being - whatever wrong a person does - then he is no better than an animal.

The difference between a man and an animal is conscience. Animal has no conscience of the wrongs they had done. A human being has feelings; and obviously the police by treating these foreign vice suspects in such a callous way are inhuman.

Don't treat a person, whoever she is, like a dog. This reminds me of the treatment by Nazi - the 'satanic' markings and the dog-chains. Are we in Malaysia?

Singa Pura Pura: Apart from being chained and ink-marked/branded, were the women/victims insulted with degrading words/labels (which is a possible form of verbal assault)? Were they shoved around, pushed about or otherwise touched in any manner that could constitute battery?

Men or women whom circumstances compel into the flesh-trade are 'victims first, criminals last'. They never do it for pleasure. In my eyes they rank a thousand rungs higher than those who would trade in religion and monetary benefits and sell their souls to their political masters merely for a life of power, luxury and privilege.

And I say that without as much a blink.

Lover Boy: Actually what is wrong with handcuffing and chaining the suspects? What is wrong with putting markings on their hands or chest? It is not like the police is tattooing them or branding them with an iron.

Seriously, Bar Council Human Rights Committee chairperson Andrew Khoo, what is wrong as these are suspected criminals? After all, those in lock-up awaiting to be charged are handcuffed.

Righteous: This is reminiscent of the way the Nazis marked the Jews in World War Two. I guess the police are just following the example of the BN government. After all, the police are the government's hands.

AnakPinang: Just because these women are in a nightclub and dressed to the nines, it doesn't mean that they are prostitutes. Moreover, what happened to the male patrons with these 'vice' girls? Were they prosecuted too?

Malaysia is regressing. Not only are women in this country caned, asked to do nude squats, murdered with C4, they are now treated worse than animals.

The police are making a fine job of 'crafting' a bad name for themselves if they treat citizens like this. Those in charge need a course on human rights and ethics.

Wira: In my profession, I have dealt with young, energetic, knowledgeable female Chinese professionals who put many Malaysian males to shame. It is moronic to assume that just because a girl from China is single, she must be a suspect for prostitution.

Anonymous: The police treat these women like animals because they know these women are powerless. If the police don't respect others, don't blame others for not respecting them. And don't blame alternative media or what not for your stinking 'reputation'.

Henry Hock: The police think that they are the most righteous lot. They are indeed one of the worst culprits.

In fact today (June 3) at 9.20 am, one police car made an illegal right turning in SS19, Subang Jaya, when it was actually on the lane going straight to USJ. Then it stopped on a narrow lane, having a long chit-chat with the driver of another police car coming from the opposite direction, causing a long queue at the traffic.

Around that time, I saw four police cars and many other civilians making illegal U-turns. None of them stop any of these cars. Are they working or they just concentrate on catching prostitutes and Pakatan Rakyat politicians?

Cinaputra: Deputy IGP (inspector-general of police), who is tarnishing the image of the police? You guys, of course. You simply cannot treat those arrested like cattle and think yourselves great.

Mc Farland: In Bolehland, women are supposed to be sex slaves whether at home or outside. Where are the women MPs when we need them to speak up. Prostitution is the world's oldest profession. Don't be a hypocrite.

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