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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Women Receives Visitors Looking for Sex – After Ex-Husband’s New Wife Places Sex Ad in HER Name

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A woman says she was put in danger over Craigslist by her ex-husband’s new wife.

She says out of the blue strange men were showing up at her door.
It turns out all it takes is someone with a grudge and an internet connection to send strangers to your home.
Bradenton Police say Natasha Larson used a fake e-mail account to lure men looking for sex over to another woman’s house. Not just any woman. It was her husband’s ex wife.
A few keystrokes and the damage was done on Craigslist.
“I wouldn’t do this to my worst enemy in the world,” the victim said.
She’s been through too much to show her face on television.
It all began with an internet ad that police say was made by 34-year old Natasha Larson. She allegedly posted the victim’s phone number and address on a craigslist ad in the “women seeking men” section.
Officers tracked the ad to Larson’s computer IP address. Bradenton police shared a transcript.
“It read ‘hi my name is so and so. I’m currently dating a decent man who lacking some skills in the bedroom. It’s nice but I need to be thrown around a little bit and to be dominated. That is exciting for me,” said Lt. John Affoltor.
The fake ad claimed the victim’s boyfriend approved of men just stopping by or calling for sex.
“There was a text from one guy and a phone call from another guy, and I didn’t know them. I didn’t have any clue who they were,” the victim said.
She says strangers were walking up to the house and knocking on the door with explicit expectations. And not just once. It happened so many times she put a sign on the door saying go away.
“I have my two children and my boyfriend’s daughter,” she said.
She says her children are Larson’s own stepchildren, two young teenage girls who could have been home alone when the men arrived.
“It’s frightening to know that somebody could do that to there own husband’s children… I don’t know why. I don’t know why,” she said.
She quickly figured out how it happened after one of the men who texted her explained where he got her number.
“To protect yourself in this type situation is very difficult. You really can’t control it. You’re really a helpless victim,” Affoltor said.
Police say if you ever get a mysterious text or email it’s important to save it to speed up an investigation.
If you’re thinking pulling a stunt like this, be aware that even after you delete info on your computer, it’s trackable by police.
As for Larson, she bonded out of jail charged with felony grade identity theft.
Police say she may face other charges, including aggravated stalking.


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