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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fireman Who Was Suspended for Posing Topless on Charity Calendar Commits Suicide

Sulaiman Kamal | 2:18 PM | | | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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A fire-fighter who was disciplined for posing shirtless on a charity calendar has committed suicide, it was announced today.

John Slivinski was found dead at his Lawndale, Philadelphia home on Saturday, with Police and colleagues saying the cause was suicide.
It is not known why he took his own life.
In April the 31-year-old former Marine was suspended from the city’s prestigious ‘Rescue One’ unit after posing topless for a national fund-raising calendar.
Fire bosses were angry the popular fire man – despite his plans to donate the money to a widow’s fund – had not gone through the chain of command – instead only asking permission of his union boss Billy Gault.
A petition with 1000 signatures of support was collected before the hearing.
But in May he was let off with a verbal reprimand, and allowed back to his old job.
The suicide has left former colleagues stunned, with several saying they don’t understand why he took his own life.
Speaking to the Philadelphia Metro, local 22 fire president Bill Gault said: ‘There were no outward signs.
‘We never saw the guy not smiling. It’s so baffling.’
Former Marine friend Kate Rizzo – who met Slivinski at Camp Pendleton from 1998 to 1999, said the fight for his job hit him hard.
She said: ‘I know this whole thing hit him pretty hard, with the calender.
‘I think that really pushed him over the edge.’
A Facebook tribute page was flooded with messages of shock and condolence at the tragic death.
A fellow calendar participant Mr Charlotte, aka Tommy DeFrancisci, wrote: ‘Rest in peace Mr. Philly, you will be missed. Semper Fi – Mr. Charlotte.’
Lenny Daigle, another calendar entrant wrote:  I’m a Firefighter in New Orleans.
‘This calendar that we are working on is a great project that will help worthwhile causes across the country.
‘I didn’t know Jack and regret that I’ll never meet him. We would have in August.
‘He was contributing to a good cause and deserved the support that our respective Departments have shown the rest of us. R.I.P Jack Lenny Daigle, Mr New Orleans.’
Speaking to the Philadelphia enquirer, Mike Kane – executive board member at the local Fire-fighters Union – said: ‘If you or your family members were in danger, this was the kid you’d want showing up at your house.
‘He gave you 110 percent, whether he was washing dishes or going down a smoky hallway.
‘When I heard yesterday morning, I had to sit down. It took my legs out.’
The calendar, which is due to be published this summer, will go ahead.
Publisher Katherine Kostreva said she would let the family decide whether Slivinski’s picture as Mr May would still appear.

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