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Friday, July 15, 2011

The diamonds-studded First Lady of Malaysia

Sulaiman Kamal | 11:39 PM | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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It is not only NOT surprising but equally shocking to hear of our diamonds-studded First Lady of Malaysia.
Where on earth and who in Malaysia will think, feel and act kindly to such revelations? Mind you she is only the wife of a man who happens to be the prime minister this season. She is not the spouse of a majestic king of a bygone era. Yet she has multi-million ringgit worth of exquisite jewelry?

Mr Prime Minister – before you jump the gun, may we ask you: Is your salary that is paid by the slogging rakyat (people) enough to indulge in these exorbitant jewelry gifts for your spouse?
And should you volunteer an answer claiming that these were mere gifts from friends and associates, let us ask you: Is this the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that is captured in two of the nine challenges of Vision 2020 that your government preached to us and the world under the Mahathir regime?
And in any case why would anyone want to buy your wife such gifts if there was no hidden agenda? And of course, not to forget out of convenience the fact, why did your spouse not refuse such gifts in the first place?
Tuition from Imelda, please
Or if your ministers jump the gun to rescue the First Lady by saying that these were gifts showered by the Who’s Who in The World to recognize the First Lady’s role, then we the rakyat demand that the First Lady sell these items and uses the funds for noble charity for children in third world countries.
After that you can open your mouths, ministers.
Looks like we have not learnt anything from Imelda Marcos have we? It is a painful shame. When the rakyat are cringing, begging and scrapping for daily meals in view of escalating living costs and inflation, we see abuses, greed, lavish and carefree spending of the raklyat’s money like there is going to be no tomorrow.
Rakyat, please do something. Either stop it or rise in defense of the First Lady. Let us hear your comments. And this invitation goes to all the officers and gurkas who have personal encounters following the First Lady on her shopping sprees.
Stop confining your accounts to the ‘Pelita’ (nasi kandar) restaurants. Bring it out into the social media. You can forget the mainstream media though. They have to worry about bread and butter not diamonds and glitters.

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