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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Anything to declare? Irate woman strips naked in protest after being stopped by Customs officers at airport

Sulaiman Kamal | 9:45 PM | | Best Blogger Tips

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Air strip: Bermuda's L.F. Wade International Airport where British Airways passenger Loukai Phillips removed her clothes
Customs officers in Bermuda were in for a surprise when they asked one traveller if they could search her luggage.

For the co-operative woman obliged - by stripping naked in front of them in the middle of the airport's busy arrivals hall.
Loukai Phillips, 36, who had arrived on the island on a flight from London, told the stunned officials: 'If you want to see me naked, you can do it right f*****g here.'

She then removed all her clothes as shocked passengers - including children - looked on.

Phillips, who is Bermudian but now lives in London, was returning to the island on Saturday to sort out personal financial matters.

    In court yesterday, she explained that she had reacted angrily after repeatedly being searched whenever she flew home to the mid-Atlantic resort.

    According to The Royal Gazette newspaper, Phillips' lawyer told magistrates the irate woman 'took her clothes off out of frustration' and had made 'an impetuous decision'.

    The lawyer also pointed out that, because of a past association, his client had been strip-searched every time she came through Customs.

    Phillips pleaded guilty to indecent exposure in a public place but added: 'I would never do it again - I’m just tired of being searched.'

    She was handed a 12-month conditional discharge by magistrate Archibald Warner, who told her: 'The Bermuda Customs have got a job to do, and one of those is to search you in accordance with the law.

    'If you don’t want to be searched, don’t come through Customs.'

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