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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Arrogant Nazri does it again: Who's Bersih, why should we consult?

Sulaiman Kamal | 2:01 AM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Known for his arrogance, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Nazri Aziz has put his foot in his mouth again. This time his target is popular polls watchdog Bersih, which has asked to be included in the Parliamentary Select Committee for electoral reforms.
"We don't consult Bersih, I don't know who is Bersih," Nazri told reporters on Wednesday.
Nazri also slammed Bersih for not knowing its place, saying it had no right to issue ultimatums including setting deadlines for the PSC to complete its task.

"As I said earlier, we will hold public hearings. During the hearings, they like anybody else, members of the public, they can come and give their views. We don't just consult them, we consult other members of the public who have something to contribute. Because they are nothing special, there is no reason they should set an ultimatum because it is not for them to tell us what to do,” said Nazri, who is also the Padang Rengas MP.
Another sham, Pakatan may pull out
Pakatan Rakyat leaders immdiately condemned his comments, saying they proved the Najib administration never had any intention to go through with a fully-functioning PSC. Many believe the Pakatan may pullout if Bersih was not included as it would mean the BN was not serious, and just making use of the opposition to create the perception that the clean-up was for real.
Nazri also announced the PSC would consist of nine members with the team leader a Minister. Five would come from BN, 3 from Pakatan and the other from the Independent Members of Parliament.
"Bersih has the trust of the people. People believe what Bersih says. So how can BN afford to have Bersih telling Malaysians what's happening at each stage. As we have pointed out, the BN will go all out to win, including cheating. The parliamentary committees that now exists are mostly bi-partisan in name. Imagine a bi-partisan committee can even kick out the Opposition Leader without bothering to hear his defense on the APCO case. What chance in an issue like this where it means life and death for the BN," PKR vice president Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.
Indeed, few believed Najib meant anything serious when he announced the PSC on Monday. Many pundits were quick to blame his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin who tempered the public's enthusiasm by saying the next day the existing system did not require a full revamp, only some 'tweaking'. But Muhyiddin was only playing 'bad guy' to Najib's 'good guy'.
"The buck stops with Najib. It is very irresponsible of him to pull stunts like these. Why get people's hopes up when he knows right from the beginning if Muhyiddin doesn't shoot it down, then he will do it. And this is what Nazri is doing now. It shows the extent PM is willing to go to regain popularity but the people can now read his game," PKR MP for Gopeng Lee Boon Chye told Malaysia Chronicle
No place for the Clean
On Tuesday, Bersih leaders had said the panel's first report on immediate reforms should be issued within three months, followed by another within a year. It also outlined several areas for reform. The first report should include the 8 reforms recommended by Bersih, which they also said must be completed before the next general election.
According to Nazri, the framework of the proposed PSC will be decided only after he discusses the matter with the Election Commission, which has already insisted that Bersih is left out, although it could furnish any reasons why. After that, the Cabinet has to approve the PSC, said Nazri.
“Based on procedures, the EC will prepare a memorandum with all its suggestions for forming the select committee to get an approval from the cabinet. When the memo has been agreed upon, we will inform Parliament of our decision then Parliament will take further action,” he said.
“If you want me to discuss with the others, why can't they discuss with the EC? They are the body that is going to implement what we are going to do. Because they are the ones who are going to prepare the memorandum."

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