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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Killed for refusing to let her girl wed

Sulaiman Kamal | 3:05 AM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Turk boyfriend butchers British mum and her pal

Sweethearts...Recep celik with
teen Shannon Graham
TWO Brit women were slaughtered by a Turkish waiter - after one refused to let him marry her daughter, it emerged last night.

Holidaymakers Marion Graham and Kathy Dinsmore, both in their 50s, were taken to a forest where the maniac stabbed them and slit their throats.
Marion's daughter Shannon, 15 - with whom he had been having a relationship - raised the alarm after the pair vanished from the family's holiday home in the popular Turkish resort of Kusadasi.

Horro...cops move body
Local waiter Recep Celik, 17, led police to the butchered bodies after confessing to killing the women. He said Marion had told him her daughter was too young to wed.
Both victims were from Newry in Northern Ireland.
They were travelling on Irish passports - and last night traumatised Shannon was being cared for by an Irish Embassy official.
Shannon had gone on a boat trip when the waiter offered to take the women on a jaunt to meet his dad.
Victims...Kathy Dinsmore, left, and Marion Graham
He used his dad's car to drive them 75 miles to a forest near the port city of Izmir - and stabbed them to death. Cops found bloodstained clothing in a bin.
Heartless Celik had returned to work at a restaurant in Kusadasi after the killings - but colleagues noticed him acting oddly.
One said: "Recep was really different when he returned.
"For a while he sat silently near the wall. Then he put something in a bag."
The waiter's father and a taxi driver are also understood to have been arrested.
Yesterday shocked relatives of Kathy gathered at the Co Down home of her brother George, who was described as "devastated". A nephew said: "She was a lovely woman. It's just hard to believe that something like this would happen to her."
Marion's "shocked" ex-partner Ray McGuinness - Shannon's dad - was set to fly to Turkey today. He said he suspected "there was always something that was not quite right" about his daughter's relationship with the Turk.
The slaying comes 14 years after Marion's pregnant half-sister Belinda was shot dead at her home in Newry by her ex-boyfriend.
Another sister, Monica, said the family was shattered.
She said: "We've just found out. My mother's in the car crying her eyes out."

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