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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Malaysians, Arise: BN is cheating us of our voting rights. Stop them NOW

Sulaiman Kamal | 11:20 PM | | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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In response to Bersih, the Coalition for Free and Fair Elections, the Election Commission has stridently maintained that its voter rolls are clean and elections are conducted in a free and fair manner. Prime Minister Najib has also gone around saying there is no need for Bersih because elections are always free and fair in Malaysia. Right thinking Malaysians know better and have learned to discount these platitudes with a smirk.
Now we have further proof that elections in Malaysia are anything but free and fair. In fact the 13th general election may be the dirtiest ever. PAS has uncovered hard evidence of a plot to stuff the electoral rolls with foreigners given instant citizenship. It is breathtaking in its audacity and totally unconscionable in disregarding social consequences. Is BN so desperate to win that it is willing to barter the future of the country for another stint in power?

Malaysiakini reported the case of one Mismah registered as voter in Ijok which was won by PKR’s Khalid Ibrahim, now the Mentri Besar of Selangor. A check with the National Registration Dept (NRD) online verification system in the morning show that this Mismah is a permanent resident and hence not entitled to be registered as a voter. Four hours after the report was published, another online check on the individual concerned showed that she had suddenly become a citizen and collected her blue MyKad.
Sabah All Over Again
This is not an isolated case but the tip of the iceberg. PAS reported a total of 1,597 similar cases nationwide on the same day and 1,100 in Selangor alone. They appear to be targeted at opposition held constituencies. Obviously there is an ongoing collusion between the EC and the NRD to grant instant citizenship to foreigners and they have been caught red handed. This may be what Najib means when he issued the clarion call to get back Selangor at any cost.
There are few regimes in the world which would stoop to such despicable tactics to win an election. Even the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe did not stoop so low when he was fighting tooth and nail for his Presidency against a rival with widespread support. The assimilation of massive numbers of unskilled labourers as instant citizens will create great social problems as can be witnessed in Sabah which was subjected to similar tactics by Mahathir in the 1990s. The people of Sabah are still suffering now from the hordes of naturalized foreigners from Southern Philippines who now outnumber them.
Citizenship cannot be withdrawn after the election so these instant citizens are here to stay. They and their children will compete with locals for houses, schools, hospitals, jobs, government services, retail trade, etc. As these new citizens are also bumiputras Malays stand to lose the most. They will have to compete with the more aggressive foreigners for scholarships, tertiary places and government assistance. Price of food and houses will rise. Crime which is already high may be pushed up further.
For real Malaysians who have to struggle for 20 or 30 years to be recognized as citizens due to some mistake in their papers this instant citizenship is especially galling. What a slap on their long suffering faces.
Bersih Has Been Justified
This shows that Bersih’s campaign for free and fair elections is valid and timely despite BN’s insistence that we already have free and fair elections. It is obvious why the regime feels so threatened by Bersih as they depend heavily on a compromised electoral process to win.
What about the EC’s proud claim that it goes through a 33 step verification process before it puts anybody on the rolls? If the people in the system are dishonest it matters not how many verification steps they purportedly go through.
The EC’s dogged determination to implement a biometric system instead of the cheaper and better indelible ink is now understandable. A computerized biometric system which is opaque to outsiders gives far more scope for cheating. The government’s ongoing exercise to register 2 millon legal and illegal foreign workers with amnesty for the illegal ones using biometric is now highly suspect.
Where is the voice of Perkasa, the self-appointed defender of the Malay race now that the rights of native Malays are being diluted and infringed on? If Perkasa truly defends Malays they should speak out and oppose this instead of proving once and for all that they are nothing more than Umno stooges.
We sorely need a Bersih 3.0 for right thinking citizens to express their outrage at this monstrous betrayal of the election system and the country. Bersih 3.0 should be held in every major town in West and East Malaysia to prevent a repeat of the police locking up a city.
A Call to Vote!
What can be done to counter the assault on the country’s sovereignty by a corrupt and immoral party determined to hold on to power by foul means? All the instruments of government are under the control of the ruling party from the Election Commission to the National Registration Dept, the police, the MACC, the Registrar of Societies, the Attorney-General chambers and the judiciary. Even the Royalty are beyond the plea of citizens. Will complaints to the authorities help?
The authorities will do nothing. The citizens of Malaysia can only depend on themselves to protect their country and their way of life. Everybody who is 21 and above should register as voters and we should vote out BN decisively. We should all vote massively against BN and overwhelm their cheating.
When I say all, I mean including those who are pro-BN. This is no longer a contest between two political coalitions but a call to save your country from the scoundrels who are hell bent on destroying it to maintain their power. When the country is overrun by foreigners who have more rights than many of us, everybody suffers no matter which party you support.
Spread the news, call for help
The opposition must spread the news far and wide and garner support from both sides of the political divide. Let this monstrous manipulation of citizenship backfire on BN and be the spark which kicks BN out of power.
From now, everyone put on your thinking cap. We have to find ways to fight back, co-ordinate ideas and make sure that the electoral rolls are cleaned up one way or another before GE-13. No way can we allow the BN to cheat us of our rights in broad daylight.
An appeal to Ambiga and Bersih 2.0 team, please re-group as a new entity and co-ordinate the counter-moves that the people of Malaysia will need to reclaim their sovereignty. Malaysian diaspora, arise and raise the alarm across the globe. Let us show these guys, True Malaysians won't stand for it. We can speak, we have a VOICE!
Believe us, it is NOT a moment too early, it may already be a second too late. But while there is still a chance, let us begin NOW.

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