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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blogger's publicity stunt goes wrong

Sulaiman Kamal | 1:07 AM | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Peggy Heng, 22, uploaded a video on her blog to promote a dating event aimed at youth.
In the four minute video, she is seen kneeling in front of a man and about to perform oral sex. She stops suddenly, turns to the camera and says, "But this is not the way to solve your relationship problems".
The video then goes on to promote a party at The Butter Factory night club on September 28.
While netizens are angered by the video and have called it lame, pathetic and immature, Ms Heng defends her video as a good cause.
She told The New Paper that the video shows ways out of difficult situations.
The local blogger and model, together with her boyfriend, Mr Glen Liu, 22, and dating coach Xavier See, 24 intend to equip young Singaporeans with social skills to help them recover from failed relationships quickly.
This 'sex' video is the start of a campaign, organized by the trio, aimed at highlighting social issues.
Ms Heng said that she did not want to include the 'sex' scene in the video but decided to after netizens suggested it.
The 'sex' video is the second part to a video uploaded onto citizen journalism website Stomp last week.
In that short clip, a woman was arguing with her boyfriend who was with another woman outside The Butter Factory. The video ends with both women scuffling.
Ms Heng revealed on her blog that she was the woman in the video and that she had a falling out with her boyfriend. This revelation was followed by blog posts detailing her pain.
Netizens, while sympathetic, advised Ms Heng to persuade the man who uploaded the video to take it down. But Ms Heng suggested a cash exchange for the video.
Netizens then told the man not to accept cash but rather ask for oral sex instead.

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