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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Doctor ignores suicide patient

Sulaiman Kamal | 9:10 PM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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A doctor has been arrested for not saving a patient who hanged herself at a hospital in China.
According to the CCTV images, the doctor saw Su Xiuyun, 66, hanging on the doorframe but chose to ignore her.
"My mother had mental illness for 30 years but had never attempted suicide at home," said Su's daughter, surnamed Li.

"I sent her to Fukang Psychiatric Hospital (in Shenyang) for treatment on Aug 29. She appeared normal so why did she want to end her life?" she asked.
Suspecting something amiss, the family requested to check the CCTV and discovered the doctor's behaviour.

The CCTV shows Su walking along the corridor at 12.10am, but returned to the ward soon.
At 1.02am, she moves a chair at the corridor to underneath the doorframe of her ward and goes back in.
The doctor on duty comes by, looks at the chair for a while, then walks off.
Su steps on the chair, ties a cloth to the doorframe and hang herself at 1.38am.
After that, the doctor comes by twice – at 1.55am and 2.25am respectively - but he does not do anything.
He simply registers his fingerprint to record the time when he was on patrol, at a machine about two-metres from Su.
The hospital has offered a compensation of 50,000 yuan to Su's family but the maount has been rejected.

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