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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Muslims forced to eat pork before being shot: How far will Umno go?

Sulaiman Kamal | 12:12 AM | | | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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It is sad to see that Utusan has taken the decision to highlight the atrocities by the Communists in this country. Although, it is very noble of them to relive history for the benefit of Malaysians, most people are totally aghast at the way Utusan chooses to do it.
Caricatures published in the Umno-owned newspaper of Muslims being forced to eat pork, before being shot is simply not very tactful. The Chinese and Indians and the rest of the non-Muslims in this country consume pork. Most Indians shun beef. Most Buddhists in this country and even pious Indians are vegetarians and do not consume meat of any kind.

The publishing of the caricature is not only silly; it is also downright insulting to the citizens of this country. It leaves a very sour note in Muslims and non-Muslims alike. It is a wonder no one vomited at such ghastly depictions and is really the lowest anyone can stoop to just to win the propaganda war.
Obviously there is a force trying really hard to disunite this country and its people? This same force that will not stop at anything to remain in power, even if it means blood will be shed?
Nonsense issues to cloud electoral reforms?
All parties involved should stop this nonsense immediately and get on with the general election. Whoever wins the election is immaterial, but we hope the country will not be subjected to any more of this feeble, insensitive propaganda to win over the electorate.
It does not make sense to draw a pig on a cartoon and then publish it in a Malay Muslim paper. Although, it may not be haram or prohibited, it is certainly not very tactful. The Star has been hauled up for lesser offenses, most recently to explain its decision to publish Mongolian roast pork during the month of Ramadan, and Utusan should know better than to come up with sensitive issues like these.
Should Utusan just brand the Communists as non-Malays? What about movements like PKMM, API, Awas and Hizbul Muslimin which the British branded as communist movements? And if the above were actually communists, why would they treat non communists in such a cruel manner by forcing them to eat pork before shooting them? As far as we know, the Communists comprised members from all races and religions, and were not just from one race as presumed in the caricature with slanted eyes.
Although, we do not have to glorify the communists, we do not have to condemn them or say that they played no role in the independence of the country. Why do we continue to dig out skeletons from the closet, just to prove a point?
Sometimes, certain things should be left buried. It is pointless to bring up such sensitive matters just to prove that others were wrong. Everyone is entitled to his opinion and that’s one of the pillars of democracy.
What Mat Sabu said has been interpreted and taken out of proportion and the public fails to understand why everyone still continues to fan the flames of controversy?
Divided we stand, united we fall
If Utusan is out to make a point in the publication of these caricatures, well, the paper has made its stand loud and clear. The cartoon was clearly drawn to provoke, using religion to instill hatred. Even the slant eyes in the caricature had a message.
It has also succeeded in angering the different races. The BN's divide-and-rule policy is starting to show fruit. “Divided we stand, united we fall.” should be the new slogan!
Perhaps, what the Pakatan Rakyat say is right after all. Controversies like these only make the people lose focus on the ‘single most important thing’ facing the future of this country. And that is the electoral reforms promised by the government. Until now, everyone is still unclear as to what the government is doing about it, and how long a time, the Parliamentary Select Committee is going to deliberate it before moving to get the reforms going.
Muslims being 'forced to eat pork' before they were shot dead ... children and old people being thrown into a fire. These are among six contentious caricatures that artist Hamzah Mohd Amin has drawn to expose the “cruelty” of the Malayan communists to ordinary people.
"I get very bitter and angry when communists are acknowledged in this way," Hamzah told the media. "How can a terrorist group be given recognition?"
It looks like Hamzah is the product of an environment dominated by Umno propaganda, which is trying to find all ways and means to insist that the Communist Party of Malaya was a terrorist organization and played zero role in the independence of the country. Why so much effort?
The answer is because of Mat Sabu and PAS. Both cannot be seen to be right and Umno wrong or the latter will soon lose its members  to the former.

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