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Friday, September 16, 2011

Teacher, 25, ‘groped an air steward’

Sulaiman Kamal | 4:06 AM | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Bailed ... Goldberg
THIS is the teacher accused of drunkenly groping an air steward on a flight and demanding sex.
Katherine Goldberg, 25, allegedly grabbed the man's crotch after having nearly a pint of whisky during the Virgin Airways flight from South Africa to Heathrow last month.
Outlining the case, Stella Waata, prosecuting, told Uxbridge Magistrates: "The circumstances are that Miss Goldberg was on a flight from South Africa to Heathrow and she was drunk whilst on the airplane.

"She proceeded to sexually assault one of the crew members by demanding to have sex with him."
Ms Waata then added that Goldberg grabbed the steward's privates.
She added: "She was believed to have drunk at least 50 centilitres of whisky."
Goldberg's lawyer applied to adjourn the case to make representations in relation to the sexual assault charge and asked that she receive a caution.
Francis Brennan said: "The purpose of my application is so that we can raise our representations with the Crown.
"I wish to raise representations in relation to one of the charges, that matters are dealt with by way of a caution rather than continuing with the court proceedings.
"It is a serious allegation but there are good reasons why it would be in the public interest for the Crown to deal with her by way of a caution."
Agreeing to the adjournment, Miss Waata said: "Given the circumstances, I understand Miss Goldberg works in education, a short adjournment of one week would not be disagreeable."
Goldberg, of Ealing Common, West London, is charged with one count of sexual assault and another of being drunk in an aircraft.
Wearing a white shirt and light pink trousers, tearful Goldberg spoke only to confirm her name, address and date of birth.
She was bailed and is due back in court on September 22.
If convicted, Goldberg faces being put on the Sex Offenders Register and could be banned from teaching.

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