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Sunday, October 30, 2011

PRC undergrad girl blackmailed for nude chat

Sulaiman Kamal | 2:41 AM | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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PRC undergrad was recently blackmailed after she had a nude online chat with strangers.

This case has been making the waves in China forums amidst the emerging trend of chatting in the nude.

On the evening of 18 October, Xiao Qin (not her real name) from Xianning City, China, befriended a netizen by the name of "Smile".
The two hit it off right away and barely an hour later, "Smile" asked for a nude chat with Xiao Qin. Initially declining the invitation, Xiao Qin was eventually swayed and stripped for a nude chat with her new friend.

The following evening however, things began to go out of control for Xiao Qin.

A netizen named "Filled with Tenderness" contacted her and sent her a picture, which Xiao Qin discovered was her own topless photo.

She also realised that the photo was taken by "Smile" the night before during the nude chat.

"Filled with Tenderness" then used the photo to blackmail Xiao Qin to have another nude chat with him. He told Xiao Qin that if she refused, he would circulate her topless photo on the internet.

Xiao Qin relented.

Two days later on 20 October, Xiao Qin went online again to plead for "Smile" and "Filled with Tenderness" to delete the images and videos of their nude chat sessions.

Both netizens demanded RMB$500 (about S$100) from Xiao Qin before they would do so, and only on the condition that Xiao Qin will commit to long term nude chats with them.

Regretting what she did, Xiao Qin went to lodge a police report.

The local police are now investigating the case. Meanwhile, details of the case have leaked online and Chinese netizens are debating the "morality" of nude chats. Some say Xiao Qin deserved what she got, while others pity her.

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