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Friday, November 18, 2011

Cow condo scandal: To laugh or cry for Malaysia?

Sulaiman Kamal | 1:03 AM | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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HELLO Malaysians! I really don’t know to laugh or cry for Malaysia over the report 'Cow condo' scandal: Police deny knowledge of report from MACC.
Not only Barisan Nasional politicians and leaders are behaving like cows, top professional civil servants from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the police have become eunuch donkeys.
They are eunuchs because they have clearly lost their balls to investigate corruption cases involving BN politicians. However, when there is an iota of chance to harass non-BN politicians, even when there is no police report lodged, they behave like they have taken Viagra.

It is now very, very clear to all Malaysians that the BN government and its civil service are now birds of the same feather, covering up for one another their self-interest and misdeeds to loot the country’s wealth.
If this ridiculously insane cow condo scandal is allowed to be swept under the carpet by the government, then let us all pray sanity will prevail after the next general election.
If this cow condo scandal, loaded with clear evidence of corrupt practices, is not enough to convince Malaysians that enough is enough in the next general election, then we deserve to suffer the consequences of a failed nation.
Only the poor will suffer
Economic flight will plunder Malaysia into the depths of hell, turning Malaysia into another pariah state on earth.
But, unfortunately and unfairly, the rich with their ill-gotten gains will not suffer with us. They would have amassed enough wealth to flee and stay in a paradise state of their choice. We, the poor hard working wage earners, will have to bear the consequences.
Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Ismail Omar deflected questions on the National Feedlot Centre (NFC) “cattle condo” scandal by saying he has yet to receive any report from the MACC.
“So far, I’ve not received anything yet,” he said when pushed for an answer by a group of reporters who accosted him as he was leaving the Selangor police contingent’s Deepavali celebration here this afternoon (Nov 17, 2011).
The IGP initially appeared surprised when asked to comment and pointed out that the matter was a MACC case.
When informed that the MACC had passed the case to the police to handle, Ismail said he would have to check on the matter before issuing any statement. He left the function at the Selangor police headquarters here without further comment.
MACC had announced that it would not probe the controversial RM10 million purchase of a condominium by the federally-funded NFC project, claiming it was a case for the police to handle.
In a statement, the agency said it had already referred the case to the police, adding that this was in line with advice from the Anti-Corruption Advisory Board to only investigate offences under the MACC Act.
This is what is wrong with the police and MACC
Now Malaysians. What is wrong with the MACC and the police? Consider the following bullshit!
- The MACC says it is not their case. But Teoh Beng Hock and the buying of about RM2,000 worth of Malaysian flags for the Merdeka celebration is their case;
- The MACC passes the case to the police but the IGP says no. Who is lying?
-  Is the IGP and the police akin to “katak di bawah tempurong”? This scandal is already into its third week and the police and IGP are unaware of the national shame?
Really, Malaysians. Save yourselves and country from economic ruin by using your ballots wisely. Do not let insincere and corrupt politicians to buy your vote with peanuts.
By all means, take what is given by the BN but the ballot in the next general election must be for FAIRLY reputable, honest and scandal-free politicians. I stress on the word FAIRLY because many will ask me where to find honest politicians. It may be difficult but make the next best choice. There appears to be more in the non-BN side.

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