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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Maid brings stranger into employer's home for sex

Sulaiman Kamal | 4:51 AM | | | | | Best Blogger Tips

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employer is angry that his maid brought a man to his house for sex.
Mr Fang (46, driver) told reporters that the incident happened last Monday. He and his wife had gone to sleep after watching TV with their two sons, leaving the maid alone in the children's room.
At about 2.30am, Mr Fang woke up after hearing sounds of a man coming from the children's room. He knocked and entered the room and saw a shirtless foreign worker inside with the maid.
"I called my maid to the living room and asked her about it. Meanwhile, the man used the opportunity to slip out of the house. My maid apologised and nonchalantly went back to her room," said Mr Fang.

The next day, the maid sent Mr Fang an SMS saying that she was not afraid of being scolded as she does not get off days and is paid too little.
In response, Mr Fang bought the maid a plane ticket and had her return to Indonesia the very next day. Mr Fang complained that just before leaving, the maid continued to act in an arrogant manner by making many calls to her friends to badmouth him.
Mr Fang has since dumped the mattress used by the maid.
This is Mr Fang's second maid, and he laments that something similar happened with his first maid, who is Filipino and married with two kids back home.
The Filipino maid also had an affair with a foreign worker and even got pregnant.
The matter was found out when the maid's debtors came knocking on Mr Fang's door to chase the maid for payment. The maid had borrowed $300 from her friends for an abortion.
Mr Fang sent the Filipino maid home immediately after the incident, only to end up in a similar situation with his second maid.

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