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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Four in family murdered

Sulaiman Kamal | 4:53 AM | | | Best Blogger Tips

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Four members of a family were brutally murdered and another seriously injured in their double storey terrace house about 5km from Sibu, Sarawak.

The victims were businessman Ling Tong Hock, 36; his son David Ling Chei Qi, 10; daughter Amy Ling Zi Jiun, seven, and 76-year-old mother Leong Nyuk Lan.

Tong Hock's eight-year-old son Kelvin Ling Chei You was seriously injured in the 7.30am attack on Tuesday.

The devastated Li Xiaolan (second from left) being consoled by relatives and friends
All the victims sustained serious head injuries, believed to be caused by a hard object.
Tong Hock and his mother were also slashed on their throats while Kelvin had a slash wound at the back of his neck.

His second wife Li Xiaolan, a 28-year-old Chinese national, escaped through a window of the master bedroom on the first floor.

Tong Hock was involved in shipping and the trading of timber slabs.

Li Xiaolan escaped through this window on the first floor of the house
Sibu police chief Asst Comm Shafie Ismail said police have ruled out robbery as the motive as initial investigations revealed no valuables were stolen.

"We believe there was more than one assailant. We have taken the CCTV footage from the house and hope it could be useful in our investigation," he added.

Tong Hock's was found in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor together with his mother, while the body of Amy was in the adjourning bedroom.

The body of David was found in one of the rooms upstair, and the injured Kevin in another.

The children were from Ling's first marriage.

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